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Nokia Slaps HTC in the Face With 'Survival Kits'

Nokia and HTC both held press events in London this week. Nokia announced three new phones at Nokia World while HTC announced the launch of the Desire Z and the Desire HD. However, it seems Nokia was a little less than pleased with HTC for scheduling a press event during Nokia World and the Espoo company wasn't shy about broadcasting that fact.

Today during HTC's press event, Nokia reps showed up with giant red helium balloons that read, "I know where I'm going with Ovi Maps." However, Nokia didn't stop at balloons. The company also handed out 'HTC Press Conference Survival Kits' to people leaving Nokia World for the HTC event. Inside was a "not very exciting" HTC sandwich (ham, tomato and cheese), along with ear plugs and an eyemask for taking naps, a giant Nokia foam finger for asking questions, an energy bar and a couple of other bits and bobs to try and remind journalists what was going on across town.

No word on whether or not HTC has retaliated, HTC supposedly said that they had planned to have their event yesterday, but when they realized Nokia World was kicking off that day, they rescheduled for today so announcements wouldn't clash. 

*Images via Gizmodo

  • g00fysmiley
    definatly amusing smart move rescheduling, kinda of dick of nokia if it was a genuine mistake, a hilarious retaliation if it was not a mistake..

    i hope it was just a misunderstanding and no harm done and free sandwiches and foam fingers for some as a aftereffect :D
  • dalethepcman
    Didn't everyone at the google mobile conference get a free nexus one? If you really don't want people to go to the HTC conference then you should have had it the same day, and annouced that you were giving away free phones to all that attend.
  • Shadow703793
    This has to be THE best PR (anti PR?) stunt EVER. Makes the Microsoft's iPhone Funereal look like child's play. Well played Nokia, well played.
  • screechy
    They used the wrong finger....
  • SchizoFrog
    I'd leave just to get the freebies... then head back inside...
  • belardo
    Hey, free food and stuff. Thanks NOKIA.

    Have fun with it.
  • rolled
  • hellwig
    This is very clever of Nokia, taking a little jab at HTC. I do hope HTC has some response, but they might have been caught off-guard.

    I suppose Nokia could have just distributed a 5-minute video showing how you can induce HTC phones to have bad reception by holding them in various ways. But Nokia would have to be a jealous, immature, pompous, arrogant ass-hat to do that. They have more class.
  • Trueno07
    God love sarcasm... Well played Nokia.
  • xantek24
    Nokia is just mad.