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Microsoft Stores Providing On-Site Xbox Repair

Has the Red Ring of Death got you down? Has it seized up your Xbox 360 without any relief? What about that long list of other failures that seem to plague Microsoft's current console? Fear not, as soon gamers just like you will be able to waltz into a local Microsoft Store and tell tech support exactly what they can do with that Xbox 360. That's right, fix the darn thing, and fix it real good.

Conrad Zimmerman of Destructoid is reporting that Microsoft opened its very first store in Scottsdale, Arizona yesterday. After walking in and checking out what the store had to offer, he was pleasantly surprised to find that Microsoft is now offering in-store repairs for the finicky console.

"Microsoft stores will be equipped to handle some basic repair tasks," he said. "All you have to do is walk in the store with your console, drop it off at the Answers Desk and a Microsoft Store employee will then diagnose the issue that you're having. If it's something simple--such as a faulty power supply causing the Red Ring of Death--they'll rectify the situation immediately."

He added that if it can't be repaired within the store, the main distribution center is notified. Consumers are thus sent a replacement unit immediately. That's a good thing for angry consumers not willing to wait forever for repairs. Then again, Microsoft hasn't erected new stores on every street corner like CVS, either.