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Lenovo to Form Specialist Unit for Phones, Tablets

Before the tablet and web-enabled TV crazes swept the industry, we were all wrapped up in another infatuation: Smartphones. Though we did see the birth of the LePhone, Lenovo didn’t really break into the smartphone industry in as big a way as it perhaps would have liked. Two weeks ago, we were introduced to the LePad and the IdeaPad U1. The former is a more traditional tablet while the latter looks like a notebook with a detachable display.

These new offerings are as good a start as any as far as entering the tablet market is concerned. However, it seems Lenovo is eager to ensure it gives new and fast-growing markets, such as smartphones and tablets, the time and attention they deserve. The AFP reports that Lenovo plans to set up a special unit that will take care of the aforementioned devices along with other web-connected gadgets such as TVs.

There is "tremendous growth potential of the mobile Internet" and the company wants to "capitalise on these opportunities to drive growth," AFP cites Lenovo chief executive Yang Yuanqing as saying.