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Google Maps Snaps Plane in LA Intersection

We love the weird and whacky folk that appear on Google Street View. Between the guy with the horses head and the Stig, we can't decide who we love the most. However, the latest Google Maps image to catch our attention isn't a Street View photo. It's a regular, old Google Maps satellite photo. Regular except for the part where there appears to be a plane parked on the intersection between Rose Ave. and Lincoln Blvd in Los Angeles.

Of course there's a perfectly reasonable this-is-right-in-line-with-the-location-of-Santa-Monica-Airport explanation for all of this, and there are tons of planes on Google Maps. These include a World War II bomber flying over a quiet English suburb, a single-winged plane landing in Amsterdam, and what appears to be an airplane traffic jam (which according to Geek About is just overlay issues). Check 'em out below!

*Images via Geek About.