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Mozilla Announces Attempt For Guinness World Record With Firefox 3

Boasting 14,000 improvements, Mozilla has announced that they’d like to see Firefox 3 set a Guinness World Record for most software downloads inside 24 hours.

To try and pull of this stunt, the company has announced Download Day, which will coincide with the release date of Firefox 3. The exact release date of Firefox 3 has yet to be announced but the company expects it to be sometime in June.

Mozilla set up to encourage users to, well, spread Firefox. The website include ideas for how to help Firefox 3 secure the record and Download Fests and Firefox Parties are just two of them. Better yet, by visiting you can register your party or invite yourself to someone else’s. Who doesn’t want strangers showing up at their house, laptops in hand?

Most people, it turns out. Looking at MozillaParty there isn’t too many people willing to host parties in their homes with lot of the parties are taking place in universities or offices.

The current record for most software downloads doesn’t actually exist so there is nothing for Firefox 3 to break. However, they hope to exceed Firefox 2’s launch day downloads of 1.6 million, and so, have set the target at 5 million.

The Firefox folks are also asking users to “play nice” and not attempt to help them along the way to their record by cheating.

“We ask that you refrain from creating download bots or any other mechanism that would be cheating. In order for our attempt to be legitimate, each download must be human initiated.”

Visit to pledge to download on the day. Once you pledge, Mozilla will send you a reminder email when it announces an official date for launch.

  • virtualban
    Unless they make it like yahoo messenger, I'll still use the "download once, carry it on a CD or flash drive and install everywhere" scheme...
  • Tomsguiderachel
    Okay, I shouldn't be laughing, but I am.
  • steiner666
    idisarmulol +1
    lol +2

    how boring would wii be w/o it?