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Firefox Hits 7.5 Million Downloads


Chicago (IL) - If everything goes to plan, Mozilla’s record attempt for the most software downloads within 24 hours should be a done deal. Despite server problems and a mostly unreachable download page yesterday, Mozilla indicated that Firefox was downloaded 7.5 to 7.7 million times on its first day.

If you were trying to download Firefox 3 yesterday, it was quite apparent that the organization’s Download Day did not go as smoothly as it might have been planned. Even before the browser was officially released, Mozilla’s Melissa Shapiro said that "[Mozilla’s] servers are currently feeling the burn." It took some time to get the download day website was available again.

About 24 hours after the download files were posted to Mozilla’s FTP servers (1:31 PM EDT), the download counter showed about 7.55 million downloads. However the officially count does not include FTP downloads and the Mozilla website went live substantially later, indicating that the official download count could come in somewhere between 7.5 and 7.7 million downloads. Mozilla said that it would take about one week to review its logs and validate the actual count.

The final number may be low-balling the actual count a bit, since the FTP download address was widely distributed before the HTTP download became available.

The lion’s share of Firefox 3 downloads came from the U.S. which saw about 2.5 million downloads. More than 100,000 downloads came from a dozen countries, including France (273K), Germany (556K), Spain (280K), UK (277K), China (165K) and Iran (265K). At the time of this writing, there only two countries on Mozilla’s map that showed zero downloads: Guinea-Bissau in West Africa and North Korea.