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Old Droid to Get Froyo Before Brand New Droid X

With reports that Froyo (codename for Android 2.2) has started hitting a limited number Nexus Ones via an OTA update, the release for next iteration of Android has entered 'any day now' status. Sadly, this doesn't mean new Android phones launching over the summer will ship with Android 2.2 installed. In fact, people with older devices could get it first.

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There's a rumor doing the rounds that says owners of the original Droid will get Android 2.2 before Droid X owners. A Verizon memo obtained by DroidForums, the Droid will be Motorola's first handset to get the update.

According to the memo, Droid X users will get Android 2.2 and Flash 10.1 in the 'latter half of the summer.' Verizon is planning for a late August roll-out. Droid users will also be seeing Android 2.2 this summer, and that's scheduled for late July.

Many Nexus One users are already enjoying Android 2.2, the vast majority having updated manually using a leaked build.