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Dreamcast Emulator for Android Caught on Film

Mobile Crunch had an interesting way of describing Sega's long-dead Dreamcast console. As stated in its report, the console was originally released on 9.9.99 and to this day still pulls on our heartstrings. UGO's Dreamcast-dedicated website Sega X was actually my first online gig, and during the console's short-lived prime, it felt as if we were reporting on something magical.

Looking back now it still seems as if Sega pulled the plug on its life support system way too quick, however the magic seemingly lives on to a small extent in succeeding, non-Sega consoles like the Gamecube and the Xbox 360. Now the dream has arrived on the Android platform in the form of an emulator, and it has some of us both frightened and excited.

We already know it's somewhat possible on Google's platform-- the Android Market is loaded with GBA, NES, Super NES and Genesis emulators. There's even a PlayStation emulator that works really well. But the Dreamcast? Apparently so, as nullDC has been around for a few years already on both Linux and the PC

But as expected, nullDC lead developer drk||Raziel is experiencing problems getting Dreamcast games to run correctly, however four separate videos are available-- Sonic Adventure, Soul Calibur, Shenmue and Crazy Taxi-- to prove that there's substantial progress. As you'll see in the video below, it's not perfect by any means right now-- Sonic Adventure alone shows some graphic weirdness has shows an obvious drop in framerate.

  • azz156
    meh i still use my dreamcast, craps on the wii :P
  • tsnorquist
    I remember many of nights playing Crazy Taxi and Bass Fishing.
  • V3ctor
    azz156meh i still use my dreamcast, craps on the wii
    Mine too :D Love playing on it...
  • shurcooL
    I really wish they'd release something similar to Power Stone on a current-gen platform.
  • kinggraves
    Yeah but...NullDC had pretty lousy compatibility even on PC if I remember right. There's a difference between running it and running it correctly. There's also the legal issues of not being able to run legit discs and a DC BIOS on such a small device.
  • tenaciousleydead
    wow that music does not fit the mood.