Hulu May Charge Subscriptions on iPad

Recently we reported that Hulu may be working on an Apple iPad-friendly version of its video streaming service. Remarks made by CEO Jason Kilar already point to upcoming support for mobile platforms, and there are even rumors of an iPhone and iPod Touch app in development.

Unfortunately, we may not see our favorite shows on the Apple platforms-- the iPad in particular-- without having to pay a monthly subscription fee. News of this type of premium Hulu service isn't anything new: execs at NBC, Fox, and Disney have tossed the idea back and forth for some time.

While AllThingsD doesn't reveal its source of information, a subscription-based, premium Hulu service is a "likely scenario" for the iPad. The revenue will supposedly put money back into the "money-losing" website, and compensate for a reduction of viewers on cable and satellite TV.

But Hulu and the network execs haven't settled on a plan to bring a subscription-based service to the video site. "It’s a tricky balancing act that we’re trying to fine tune before we go out," the secret source said. "Everyone’s concerned about making a strong offering at a good price, and not undercutting the existing business."

As we reported earlier, the biggest hurdle of bringing Hulu to the iPad is getting around Flash, a feature Apple refuses to support. If rumors are correct, we may see Hulu Mobile arrive when Apple's iPad finally hits retail shelves. Expect more details in the coming weeks.

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  • Regulas
    Even if I did buy a iTampon I would not pay a subscription for Hulu.
  • chrisjust98
    Well I'm not going to buy an iTampon and I'm sure as hell not going to pay a subscription for Hulu. I guess I'll just go back to torrenting everything.
  • JohnnyLucky
    I don't think it's going to work very well. I certainly would not purchase a subscription.
  • jenesuispasbavard
    What's Apple's problem with Flash anyway? Yes, it's ridiculously inefficient, but so many websites use it that it is foolish not to support it. But of course Apple doesn't like free games...
  • rexoverbey
    Hulu's content is not good enough to pay for. Old, B-Rated movies and general network content is should never be paid for. On top of that Hulu has advertising in all of the ontent. Netflix is worth paying for because it is a free service they added on and have better content. If Hulu wants to have a paid service they should have a new movie release section, like Amazon/Blockbuster VOD.
  • azcoyote
    Apples problem is that Flash on Apple devices will undercut the App Store and iTunes. People will be able to get for free what they are required to BUY from Apple now.