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Kindle for Web Beta Live, Android Tablet Possible

Tuesday Amazon launched a web-based beta version of Kindle, allowing consumers to sample Kindle books through an HTML5-compliant web browser. The drawback is that full books cannot be read through the new online interface, but rather still require a Kindle device or any free Kindle reading application found on iTunes, Google's Android Market, etc.

According to Amazon, Kindle samples can be embedded on websites or blogs using the required tag. "Open the sample from the product detail page by clicking on the "Read first chapter FREE" button while shopping for selected books at," the company explains. "Click on the Embed icon on the right side of the window and copy the code to embed the sample in your blog or web page."

Once the sample chapter is posted, interested readers can then buy the book from within. Web sites and bloggers signed up with the Amazon Affiliates partners program will thus receive a 6 to 8-percent referral fee from purchases originating from their sites.

Tuesday also brought new rumors that Amazon is currently working on an Android tablet. The device won't replace the current Kindle model, but will be sold alongside Amazon's popular ebook reader.

Still, there's a question as to why Amazon would want to sell both products, however it's possible that the company wants to expand on the mobility concept by providing devices for both the book reader and the multimedia consumer. After all, a tablet would be ideal for bringing Amazon's Video On Demand service to the same audience taking their books on the go.

  • wribbs
    Sounds like they're moving in the right direction even if it's at a snails pace, good news.