3 reasons I'm disappointed with Prime Day

Shopping for EOFY deals
Shopping for EOFY deals (Image credit: shutterstock / Surasak_ch)

As an avid online shopper, I’m constantly on the hunt for a great bargain — and Prime Day is one of the biggest shopping events of the year.  With the promise of grand discounts for Amazon Prime members, I was looking forward to upgrading my compact airfryer or espresso machine, whilst saving bucket loads of cash. After all, that’s what Prime members have been waiting for all year!

But, while there was an abundance of deals on Amazon, I was disappointed with the lack of massive deals for some of the best home and kitchen appliances. After much hype, some of the discounts for popular brands/appliances started from an underwhelming 7% reduction, with the odd item making it to the 50% off mark. Of course, there were further reductions on products that were not as highly sought-after, but no top deals stood out for this savvy shopper.  

What’s more, when browsing other retailers, I was able to find the same product on sale for exactly the same price. Which made me wonder what all the fuss was about? 

So with all that said, here are the 3 reasons why I’m disappointed with Prime Day.

1. I've seen better deals in Black Friday sales 

Woman with shopping bags

Woman with shopping bags (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Black Friday deals are another unmissable shopping event in the calendar, and I’ve seen far better reductions and massive deals during this event. 

Perhaps the main advantage that Black Friday has over Prime Day is the sheer amount of retailers that offer competitive prices and incredible discounts. I’ve made some impressive savings when buying home items such as one of the best vacuum cleaners, or even a best microwave during this time.

Granted, Prime Day is geared towards Amazon owned brands, and you’re likely to make a saving if you’re not fussy about products. However, if you have a favorite appliance, and don’t mind waiting until the end of the year, you can probably save more money during Black Friday. 

2. Only unpopular products are massively reduced 

Kitchen appliances on a kitchen counter including a blender, coffee maker, toaster and immersion blender

Kitchen appliances on a kitchen counter including a blender, coffee maker, toaster and immersion blender (Image credit: Shutterstock)

As with most sale items, it’s usually the unpopular products/brands that end up with the huge reductions. And if you were anticipating plenty of big deals from major homes and kitchen appliance brands, you might be disappointed. 

In addition, you might be tempted to buy something that you don’t actually need, simply because of the cheap price tag. Which might be great for the pocket, but would probably end up costing you in terms of quality and convenience. So if you were looking to buy anything from one of the best air fryers to the best robot vacuums,  it’s probably worth doing some research and reading reviews before spending your hard-earned cash on an item (or items!) that are not right for you. Plus, you don't want to end up with a cluttered countertop of reduced items that you're not going to use!

In any case, Prime Day deals are still a great opportunity to bag a bargain, depending on what you’re looking for. After all, every penny counts! So if you want further advice, check out the top Prime Day deals live blog recommended by our Deals Editor to save you time.  

3. I've seen better deals elsewhere 

Person Shopping Online

Person Shopping Online (Image credit: Shutterstock)

One thing I noticed is that Prime Day prices for certain homes and kitchen appliances were not actually at the lowest or cheapest price ever. After browsing other online retailers, I found either a similar or cheaper price for a Prime Day sale item. 

In fact, certain brands were having their own summer sales, and had already reduced their prices. So if you were after a brand or product in particular, you might save a bit more cash by simply shopping directly with the retailer. 

Another thing worth noting is that some kitchen appliance deals may not be as good as they seem. And while some items had a great ‘Prime Day deal’ price, this had been on sale for the same price previously. So it’s worth weighing up how much you will actually be saving, or if you’re willing to wait for a better deal.  

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