CES 2024: This AI-powered exoskeleton can help you trek further, run faster and carry more

Hypershell ProX AI-powered exoskeleton.
Take a walk on the cyborg side. (Image credit: Hypershell)

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a human cyborg, like Inspector Gadget or Robocop, I’ve got some good news. Robotics startup Hypershell just unveiled its new ProX exoskeleton at CES 2024. This all-terrain, AI-assisted apparatus attaches to the legs and powers movement with a one-horsepower motor. Think of it as an e-assist for your lower body. 

Built for outdoor adventurers and runners, it’s designed to help users trek further and run faster using what Hypershell calls an “AI-based motion engine” that adapts to individual body styles and movements. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Hypershell ProX. 

Hypershell ProX – like an e-assist for your legs 

Hypershell ProX AI-powered exoskeleton.

The ProX can be worn while walking, hiking, running and even biking. (Image credit: Hypershell)

The Hypershell ProX attaches to a user’s waist and thighs via adjustable straps. Power comes from an 800-watt (1-horsepower) motor, and users can dial in just how much assistance they want. At maximum power, you can cruise at speeds up to 12.4mph, which is quite fast for a human. 

In addition to hiking and running, the ProX can be used for assistance while biking and even climbing. And it’s not just for increasing range and speed. For backpackers, in particular, the Hypershell ProX offsets up to 66 pounds of carried weight to help reduce fatigue. 

The exoskeleton has nine joints. One is active or connected to the motor, and the other eight are passive. Hypershell notes that this design gives users an enormous range of movement. 

Power, range and environmental-sealing 

Hypershell ProX AI-powered exoskeleton.

The batteries are hot-swappable.  (Image credit: Hypershell)

With an IP54 rating, the ProX can be operated in light rain or snow. Sadly, this likely excludes using the devices while skiing or snowboarding. Still, it can be operated in temperatures as low as negative four degrees Fahrenheit.

Power comes from a hot-swappable 14.8-volt battery. One fully charged pack should provide enough juice for up to 16 miles of trekking or eight hours of use. The charge time is roughly four hours. When not in use, the 4.4-pound Hypershell ProX can be folded down and carried in a backpack or bag.

Hypershell ProX – price, availability and final thoughts 

Hypershell ProX AI-powered exoskeleton.

Preorders start now with a target ship date of May. (Image credit: Hypershell)

As an avid hiker and occasional jogger, I’m super stoked to get these AI-driven robot legs in and take a walk on the cyborg side. Will it allow me to finally keep up with my peak-tagging, early-morning-rising mountain climbing friends? Time will tell, but we hope to do a review soon. 

The Hypersell ProX exoskeleton is available for preorder now, starting at $799. Orders are expected to start shipping in May.

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