The OBSBOT Tiny 4K - Prime time for that webcam upgrade.

(Image credit: Obsbot)

Traditional static webcams are fast becoming a thing of the past, particularly for things like video conferencing, teaching, and presentations. The days of having to constantly adjust shonky laptop cameras to get better views/lighting are (very nearly) over. 

A pan/tilt/zoom webcam is where it's at. They can be pricey, as they begin to dominate the market, but thankfully there already exists very capable and price conscious versions. 


(Image credit: Obsbot)

With Prime Day upon us it’s the perfect time to get hold of a PTZ webcam at a significantly reduced price.*  

The OBSBOT Tiny emerged after a successful push on Indiegogo a short time ago, and provided a very smart unit for those looking for an affordable PTZ camera. So with Prime Week discounts looming, including great savings on the run-up to it, the chance to get something of quality for a bargain is even more pertinent.

What the OBSBOT Tiny did well in terms of movement and gesture control has been improved innumerably in the shape of the OBSBOT Tiny 4K - which still comes in at good value compared to its more pricey cousins. 

The benefits, apart from the price, are many. The OBSBOT Tiny 4K sports a 4K@30fps Sony sensor lens - meaning crystal-clear visuals, and supports 1080p@60fps for smoother video streaming. 

Live streaming and remote classes will benefit hugely. AI tracking and auto framing make sure that the subject is always in focus. With a two-axis movement, and a deep learning neural network algorithm - those yoga classes are going to be way more detailed and helpful. Even as a student, teachers will be able to see and adjust you with more accuracy.


Whether you are teaching or presenting the OBSBOT Tiny 4K keeps you in focus, wherever you move. (Image credit: Obsbot)

Other teaching scenarios become way more dynamic, too. The auto tracking and focus means you can move back and forth in the classroom without having to constantly adjust your camera. This is where hand gestures come in. Showing the palm of your hand has the camera follow you, a simple “L” shape hand gesture allows you to zoom in/out so you effortlessly show workings on a whiteboard.

Lighting can also be an issue when conferencing, but not with the OBSBOT Tiny 4K. The HDR function automatically balances out the lighting by exposing the darker parts and under exposing the brightest - making you look professionally lit. 

Current Apple computers use Centre Stage technology to pan digitally and keep focus on the subject(s), so it's easy to see where the technology is going. The OBSBOT Tiny 4K, being a separate unit, is fully adjustable and customizable. A magnetic mount means you can place the camera anywhere, it charges with either a DC adapter or USB Type-C port, and has a handy privacy function performed by simply tilting the camera down. 


Privacy is instant - simply tilt the camera down to power off. (Image credit: Obsbot)

As well as super quality visuals the OBSBOT Tiny 4K has dual omni-directional microphones with noise reduction so quality sound matches the sharpness of the images. 

It’s a win-win purchase, and available now at a very pleasing reduction in price. 

Prime time to update that webcam so you look and feel very much up-to-date, and in touch. 

Take advantage now and get yours here. 

* From the 12th to the 17th July receive up to 35% off the entire OBSBOT product line, including the Tiny 4K, on Amazon.