The Framework Laptop 16 is the modular gaming laptop we’ve been waiting for

Framework Laptop 16
(Image credit: Framework)

The Framework Laptop 16 could be the ultimate customizable notebook for gamers and power users.

Announced at this year's Game Developers Conference (GDC) during Frameworks’ “Next Level” event, the company claims this modular laptop will be capable of “delivering on the holy grail for gamers, creators and others who need power, with modular upgradable graphics!”

The laptop will have six expansion slots instead of four like the current Framework laptop. One expansion bay will allow for more complex modules, including AI accelerators. A new eGPU module will let you plug it into a Thunderbolt 4/USB4 host — including a Framework Laptop 13, which was also announced today.

Expect the Framework Laptop 16 to feature more complex keyboard configuration options such as an optional number pad, mechanical or non-mechanical keyboards, and so forth. There will also be standard backlit and RGB backlit keyboard options as well.

The most exciting thing for gamers though is that they can use the Laptop 16’s expansion bay system to upgrade the graphics modules. If you’re inclined, you can insert an Nvidia RTX 40 series card to play the best PC games.

Framework Laptop 16

The Framework Laptop as seen at the company's "Next Level" event. (Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Framework will release documentation on the expansion bay, keyboard and expansion card system on GitHub as open-source material for the public. This will make it possible for folks to start coming up with ways they’ll customize the Laptop 16. Pre-orders start in the Spring but the actual laptop itself won’t be available to purchase until late 2023. You can sign up for the Framework newsletter to stay up-to-date.

The company also announced two new upgradable 13-inch laptops. These notebooks will be available with the latest Intel Core or AMD Ryzen CPUs. They have a new 61Wh battery that Framework claims will deliver between 20-30% increased battery life. The laptops have new matte screens, deeper bezel customization and more colors.

You can pre-order the Framework Laptop 13 today (3/23) starting at $849 for the DIY edition and $1,049 for a pre-built model. The DIY edition is optimized for Linux while the pre-built ships with Windows 11.


The Framework Laptop 16 really does seem like the "holy grail" of modular gaming laptops, as the company claims. We'd need to go hands-on to see if it truly delivers on its promise. But considering how much we like the current Framework Laptop, this new notebook seems really promising so far — especially if you're a gaming enthusiast.

Stay tuned for more about the Framework Laptop 16!

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  • cuvtixo
    Still waiting for the 16" in July! At least give us a price estimate! There have been some compromises in my 13" bought in 2022: the speakers are way too quiet, I have the option to replace them with speakers that are 80dB (louder) but have less fidelity. Both speaker types are $20 and it shows. ;( Have bluetooth speakers around for watching any video. The 3:2 aspect ratio screen can be awkward, I have to adjust screen settings to use dnfdragora on Fedora (which is admittedly terrible, anyways). Also the "expansion cards", having a USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface: they seem to hold a death grip. Perhaps I'm missing a magic technique, but I fear they can ever be removed without damaging something, either the card or the laptop. I'd suggest not counting on removing them on the fly. Now, everything else is great, and I'm definitely going to buy another.