The Dreo Pilot Max tower fan is built for maximum airflow and minimum volume

Dreo Pilot Max tower fan in open space
(Image credit: Dreo)

Feel the breeze. When the hot summer months come, the heat can be stifling. And nothing makes it worse than stagnant air that leaves you mired in that heat. Dreo’s new Pilot Max tower fan can blow it all away, though. This powerful tower fan is ready for the long summer days with ample airflow and can even keep running quietly for those summer nights as well.

The Dreo Pilot Max may have a demanding stature with its tall frame, and chic, modern design, but thanks to its narrow build, it’s easy to fit into your home. Even if you tuck it away into a far-off corner, you’ll still get to benefit from its airflow.

Your cooling is all but ensured by the powerful fan in the Dreo Pilot Max. The impeller fan has been carefully optimized for high-volume airflow and efficiency, letting it move a ton of air at high speeds while maintaining low noise levels. It can provide a 26 ft/s breeze and move 1,475 cubic feet of air every minute. You could be sitting 32 feet away from the fan and still feel its wind. In other words, you could be at the opposite corner of the Dreo Pilot Max in a 500-sq.-ft room, or anywhere else in the room, and still feel the airflow.

With a 120-degree oscillation range, the Dreo Pilot Pro is also flexible with where you put it. You can set it nearby and still get a nice rush of air blowing past several people or keep it in a corner and cover every inch of the room. The oscillation range can be controlled as well, helping you focus the airflow wherever you want it. With 12 speed settings, there’s a lot of fine tuning you can make to your comfort with the Dreo Pilot Max.

All the airflow offered by the Dreo Pilot Max doesn't have to come with a ton of noise or power usage, though. At its peak, the Dreo Pilot Max operates at just 48dB, and it can run as low as 25dB for comfortable operation even when you’re trying to sleep. This is achieved with an efficient impeller blade design that minimizes air turbulence, a brushless DC motor spinning the fan, and a low-noise stepper motor handling the oscillation.

The power used by the Dreo Pilot Max is so low you can just about forget about it. If you accidentally left the fan running 24/7 for three months at its lowest speed, it would likely only cost you a little over a dollar. And you don’t have to worry too much about forgetting to turn it off since you can set it up with a sleep timer up to 12 hours long or conveniently turn it on and off with the included remote control.

If you want to be prepared for the hot days ahead, you can pick up the Dreo Pilot Max directly from Dreo or order it through Amazon