Stunning iPhone 12 design is the flagship we've been waiting for

iPhone 12 render from PhoneArena
A concept render of the iPhone 12 Pro based on rumors. (Image credit: PhoneArena)

We already have a pretty solid idea of what the iPhone 12 will look like: it'll likely have sharper edges, a flat frame evocative of the iPhone 4, a more compact notch and thinner bezels all around.

We've seen a litany of concept renders illustrating that aesthetic, though none have gotten me particularly excited about the shape the new iPhone could take — until the ones PhoneArena just posted.

The site has just published a series of renders of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, and they look not only stunning, but totally believable.

In many ways, these renders are modernizations of a classic design, but with motifs present from Apple's latest handsets. Of course, there's the square camera patch, though if you look closely you'll also see the mix of glossy and matte-etched glass that Apple introduced on the iPhone 11 range.

On the existing iPhone 11 Pro, it's the frosted texture that dominates the back of the phone, with the glossy finish reserved for the camera module — a balance that's flipped for the regular iPhone 11. PhoneArena has reflected that touch in their renders, and the devices look better for it.

iPhone 12 render by PhoneArena

A concept render of the iPhone 12 based on rumors. (Image credit: PhoneArena)

In fact, I'm more taken by the cheaper iPhone 12's design, mostly because of the colors. It's interesting that PhoneArena's vision for the entry-level model doesn't incorporate a frame that's color-matched to the back of the phone, though one would assume the site only made that change because it has reason to believe Apple will ditch that design, after introducing it on the iPhone XR and continuing it with the iPhone 11.

Personally, I think the silver frame for all iPhone 12 colorways looks more visually distinctive and creates a nice contrast, though that's just me. For what it's worth, it'd also be cheaper for Apple to manufacture; something that will be especially important, as these will be the first iPhones that are 5G-ready, and their prices will likely increase because of it.

iPhone 12 render by PhoneArena

A concept render of the iPhone 12 Pro based on rumors. (Image credit: PhoneArena)

Otherwise, there's nothing particularly new present in PhoneArena's visualizations of Apple's next iPhones. You'll notice that dual-lens array on the iPhone 12 giving way to the triple-optic-plus-LiDAR stack on the Pro variant, which is in line with rumors.

You'll also note the notch on these handsets, which is narrower than Cupertino's existing TrueDepth camera system. Apple is supposedly experimenting with an iPhone design that embeds the TrueDepth sensors and cameras inside the thin bezel above the screen, though it's unlikely we'll see that design make it to launch in this cycle.

Ultimately, an increasing number of reports point to the following breakdown of iPhone 12 sizes and models: two entry-level phones, with 5.4- and 6.1-inch displays, and two Pro models, at 6.1 and 6.7 inches. All are expected to tout OLED screens, and the Pro models may even offer accelerated refresh rates for smoother animations.

As we draw closer to the fall, you can expect more high-quality renders like these to make the rounds — not to mention straight-up leaks of iPhone 12 devices caught in the wild.

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