Oculus Quest 2 bundle deals get you a free gift card

Oculus Quest 2 deal
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The Oculus Quest 2 is the hottest virtual reality headset on the market. As a result, retailers haven't had much incentive to offer any Oculus Quest 2 deals. But that's not stopping Newegg from offering a rare bundle that nets you a free gift card.

For a limited time, you can get the Oculus Quest 2 for $299 at Newegg. Even better, it comes with a free $10 Newegg gift card. Although that's list price for the headset, you're getting a free $10 GC with your purchase. This deal is valid through March 1. 

Oculus Quest 2 deals

Oculus Quest 2 (64GB): $299 w/ $10 gift card @ Newegg

Oculus Quest 2 (64GB): $299 w/ $10 gift card @ Newegg
Hurry! Newegg has the Oculus Quest 2 with a $10 Newegg gift card for $299. The Oculus Quest 2 has an impressive game library, intuitive controls, and good built-in audio, all of which makes this one of the best overall virtual reality headsets to date. 

Oculus Quest 2 (256GB): $399 w/ $20 gift card @ Newegg

Oculus Quest 2 (256GB): $399 w/ $20 gift card @ Newegg
This configuration of the Oculus Quest 2 includes 256GB  of storage, so you'll be able to store more content. It comes with a $20 Newegg gift card. 

Oculus Link Cable w/ $10 GC: $79 @ Newegg

Oculus Link Cable w/ $10 GC: $79 @ Newegg
The Oculus Link lets you hook up your headset to your gaming PC. That way you can play PC games like Half-Life Alyx on your VR headset. Although $79.99 is its list price, Newegg is throwing in a free $10 gift card with your purchase. 

In our Oculus Quest 2 review, we were full of praise for its lightweight design and build, which is comfortable enough for extended wear. Version two of the Oculus Quest got upgraded controllers, and we found them to be supremely comfortable and intuitive to use. There's a solid haptic engine in there, which adds enormously to the immersion. In one game we played, it felt as if we were truly yielding a lightsaber. 

The Oculus Quest 2 is an all-in-one VR system, which means you don't need to set up any external sensors or cameras. Just charge it up, pop it on your head and you'll be exploring virtual worlds in minutes.

But if you want even more in-depth experiences, you can buy the Oculus Link cable ($79, Newegg) and hook it up to your gaming PC. That way, previously PC-only experiences like Half-Life Alyx become available, too, assuming you've got the graphical grunt to run it.

Bottom line: Oculus Quest 2 makes for an immersive virtual reality adventure and is one of the best VR headsets available today. Make sure to follow our where to buy Oculus Quest 2 coverage for updates on the headset's inventory. 

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