Netflix just cancelled another show after keeping fans in the dark for ages

Midori Francis as Lily in Netflix's Dash and Lily
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Over the past year or so, Netflix has developed a reputation for canceling original shows after a single series. Unfortunately, that frustrating habit has reared its head once again as the streamer has axed Dash & Lily. 

The teenage romantic-comedy series will not be returning to Netflix for a second season, despite only debuting in November 2020.

The show was based on a novel by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, and centered on an opposites-attract romance between two young adults living in New York City during the holiday season. 

Dash & Lily was warmly received by both critics and audience members, with the show even winning a Daytime Emmy Award. Because of its seasonal setting, and the fact there are two more books in the series to adapt, it was assumed by many fans that Netflix would announce the second series in the run to the holidays. 

However, it’s been confirmed by the streamer (via TV Line) that Dash & Lily won’t be returning and will forever remain a single-season show. It joins a growing list of shows dropped by Netflix after just a small handful of episodes. This news comes even after series star Austin Abrams confirmed that he was contracted for multiple seasons, although this is fairly standard practice in the television world.  

Dash & Lily is far from the first Netflix original series that has bit the dust in 2021. The world’s biggest streaming platform has been on a cancellation spree over the last few months, trimming the fat from its catalog with seemingly no mercy. Even heavily promoted shows like Jupiter’s Legacy were canned after just a single season, alongside more expected cancellations like The Duchess, The Crew, and County Comfort. 

Netflix’s trigger-happy approach to cancellations has drawn plenty of criticism. Some viewers are becoming frustrated with how often new shows are abandoned after a single season. Last year alone Netflix canceled 20 original series, and the platform hasn’t slowed its pace in 2021. 

Of course, big hitters like Stranger Things and The Witcher will likely be allowed to reach a natural conclusion when the time is deemed right by their creative teams, but it’s a shame that less popular shows such as Dash & Lily are so easily discarded. At least the show’s first season ended on a positive note, rather than an unsatisfying cliffhanger. 

One recent Netflix show that is highly unlikely to get canned after its first season is Squid Game. Expect to see a second season of the widely popular Korean survival drama greenlit in the coming weeks. Although, that will be no comfort to dedicated viewers of a show that Netflix already discarded this year. 

Rory Mellon
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