Netflix just reportedly canceled four shows — here's what's getting killed

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Netflix appears to have canceled four more shows — and it looks like bad news for viewers of Mr. Iglesias, The Crew, Bonding, and Country Comfort. 

TV cancellation season is always brutal for viewers, as the fate of many fan-favorite series hangs in the balance, but this summer has been especially cruel. Multiple beloved series have received their marching orders and Netflix’s latest round of content culling, as reported by Deadline, will surely disappoint plenty of subscribers.

Kevin James vehicle The Crew is the most high-profile causality on this list, if the news is true. The sitcom follows the goings-on of a NASCAR pitstop crew, and it only lasted for a single season. The same is true of Country Comfort, which will seemingly wrap up after just a single collection of episodes.

Critical darling Mr. Iglesias, a sitcom following a good-natured high school teacher trying to make a difference, managed to last two series before reportedly being canned. Racy dark-comedy Bonding also managed a sophomore season, but it appears it won’t be returning for a part three. 

There is always a chance that the creative teams behind these four series could attempt to find a new home at one of Netflix’s rivals. For example, the creator of Manifest, which was canceled by NBC earlier this year, has been very vocal about his efforts to shop the drama series around to competing services. The series was actually offered to Netflix, although this deal appears to have fallen through.  

While cancellations always sting, the good news is that Netflix will seemingly continue working with much of the talent behind these shows. Kevin James has apparently signed a development deal with the streamer and will star in another single-camera comedy series. Mr. Iglesias’s eponymous star is said to be shooting a third stand-up special for Netflix this summer. Plus, the creator of Bonding has also reportedly signed a development deal. 

The news of any series being canceled is disappointing, as ultimately it’s the fans who really lose out, but there’s still plenty of great content to watch on streaming services this month. Plus, if you’re a Netflix subscriber, you’ll be pleased to know that Stranger Things is set to return later this year, as is The Witcher. So there will still be plenty worth watching.

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