iPhone 13 alleged benchmarks just blew away all Android phones

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 13 Pro
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The iPhone 13 will probably be the best gaming phone ever if these benchmark numbers are to be believed.

According to known leaker FrontTron on Twitter, via SlashGear, new benchmarks for the A15 Bionic chipset have surfaced online on Korean forum Clién, and it paints a rosy picture for Apple's upcoming mobile processor. 

According to Tron, during benchmark testing that took place in July via GFXBench's Manhattan 3.1, the Apple A15 GPU saw a peak of 198 fps. After throttling, the GPU clocked down and framerates dropped to between 140-150. 

For comparison, last year's A14 Bionic, found in the iPhone 12 Pro, couldn't exceed framerates of 120 fps, according to SamMobile

It goes to show how good Apple is at improving its silicone year-over-year. Even the A15's throttled benchmark surpasses last year's peak. 

Earlier this year, GizChina reported that Samsung's upcoming Exynos 2200 chip, developed with AMD, was able to push 170 fps. This outperformed the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, found in the U.S. versions of the Samsung Galaxy S21, and supposedly even the next generation Snapdragon 895. Granted, after thermal throttling, the Exynos 2200 hovered around the 120 fps mark. GizChina did not clarify which GFXBench test was used to get these results, but it was likely either the Manhattan or Aztec test. 

Remember, we're only discussing GPU performance with these numbers. CPU performance could differ, depending on the test. It's possible that Samsung could pull ahead in other metrics with varying testing methodologies. 

Either way, when it comes to gaming, if the above numbers are to be believed, then Apple has a major advantage over Samsung in GPU performance. And considering that Samsung makes a good chunk of mobile processors for Android, including the custom Tensor chip that will be found in the Google Pixel 6, it could mean that Apple will have the most powerful gaming phone in 2021.

Whether the iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro tops our best gaming phones list will depend on other factors like screen refresh rate and touch response time. 

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