iPhone 12 will get big battery boost from this innovation

iPhone 11
The iPhone 11. (Image credit: Future)

One of the most consistent things users want from a new generation of a smartphone is more battery life. Often this achieved by simply increasing the size of the battery cell within the phone, but Apple’s rumored new supplier for the iPhone 12 has an alternative method.

Korean website The Elec (via TechRadar and MacRumors) claims that a Korean company named ITM Semiconductor has provided battery protection circuits to Apple for its iPhone 11 series. But the part we’re interested in is the fact that industry sources believe that ITM Semiconductor will be providing its new "Protection Module Packages" to the 2020 installment of the iPhone.

It was reported by The Elec in November that Samsung had ordered these modules for the Galaxy S11, meaning that two of next year’s biggest releases will share these benefits.

Battery protection modules are pieces of circuitry within batteries that make sure they don’t get overcharged or give out more power than they’re meant to. The innovation here is shrinking these down while keeping them just as effective. 

The modules that will be used in the iPhone 12 are close to 50% smaller than the ones previously used, meaning there’s extra room for more milliamps. There could also be an option to shrink the battery while keeping the same capacity as the previous model if there’s something else that could use the space.

Richard Priday
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