iPhone 12 could tempt a third of Android users to switch — here's why

iPhone 12 concept design
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The iPhone 12 could be the Apple smartphone that sees Android fans ditch their handsets in favor of an iOS phone. 

A least that's according to a survey conducted by online marketplace SellCell that found that out of some 2,000 U.S. Android users, a third — 33.1% to be exact — would consider swapping to an iPhone 12. 

A third of users might not seem like a huge amount on paper. But Android, and indeed iPhone, users are often fearfully loyal to their mobile operating system of choice. This can be down to a simple case of familiarity and having spent a certain amount of money in one ecosystem, or being a diehard fan of certain features the other platform doesn't have. 

As such, a 33.1% swing for Android users into even considering a switch to an iPhone is notable. So why would they consider such a change? 

Android abandonment  

When asked why they'd consider a swap form Android to the iPhone 12, 55.9% of 680 respondents said it was the longer software support that iPhones offer that would fuel their decision to defect from the Android Army to Team Apple. The fragmentation in the Android smartphone arena and the lack of uniform user interfaces and software version means software support for Android devices is arguably a bit of a mess. 

Take Samsung devices for instance: there is often a significant wait between the latest version of Android being rolled out and for those devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra from getting the new version. 

Some 48% of respondents touted better privacy protection as one of potential reasons to consider a move to iOS. That’s hardly surprising given Apple has been militant with promoting its approach to privacy. 

And in third place, nearly 37% of respondents touted a smaller form factor as another reason to switch. Compact Android phones now seem few and far between, whereas Apple is rumored to have a 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini in the works. Such a handset would likely be lapped up by people after a small phone they can easily use with one hand.

SellCell iPhone 12 survey

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Other reasons cited for potential Android to iPhone 12 swapping were better prices, 5G connectivity, better features, and a better UI. We suspect a lot of Android users would argue about the virtues of Android customization over Apple’s locked down UI, and how phones like the OnePlus 8 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S20 FE come with a suite of high-end features for competitive prices. 

However, there’s no doubt that the iPhone 12 is shaping up to be an impressive range of phones; it'll have the aforementioned mini, as well as a pair of 6.1-inch handsets and the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max, at least according to leaks so far. All four phones are expected to use a new flat-edged design reminiscent of that in the iPhone 4. 

And all the handsets will make use of the powerful A14 Bionic chip found in the iPad Air 4. The standard iPhone 12 handsets will make use of a pair of rear cameras, like the iPhone 11, and the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max will use of a triple camera array with a LiDAR sensor added in. 

There have been conflicting rumors over whether the iPhone 12 Pro will get a smooth 120Hz refresh rate. The lack of a 120Hz display would see the iPhone 12 lose out to some of the top Android flagship phones, but time will tell if that’ll be a factor that affects the appeal of the next-generation iPhone. 

Speaking of time, the iPhone 12 is set to be revealed on October 13, so Android fans eager to switch sides only have a few days to wait.

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