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While there’s been a lot of emphasis on the prospect of OLED displays coming to the iPad Pro 2024, there are plenty of other upgrades we’d like to see. One of those things is MagSafe, and MacRumors claims to have heard Apple’s magnetic wireless charging could make its iPad debut next year.

Apparently this news comes from “a source that is familiar with companies that manufacture magnets for Apple products”. As exciting as this might be, this rumor doesn’t guarantee that it’s actually happening. And we’ve been let down multiple times in the past, where MagSafe iPads are concerned.

Back in 2021 Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claimed that Apple was considering adding a glass back to the 2022 iPad Pro, while also testing a MagSafe system. Unfortunately neither of these things arrived on the 2022 iPad Pros, so whether this rumor will actually play out is something we can’t say with any certainty right now.

While OLED is the biggest rumored change coming to the iPad Pro 2024, there has been word that it will form part of a larger design refresh. That includes the possibility of seeing the 12.9-inch model increase to 13-inches, and combined with the new display it wouldn’t be unreasonable for Apple to throw in a glass back too.

Adding MagSafe, assuming it’s the same as MagSafe found on iPhones, would open up a bunch of new possibilities for the iPad. Wireless charging for the first time ever, a range of new stands and accessories plus some kind of Pixel Tablet-esque system where a stand could turn the tablet into an Apple smart display.

Of course Apple wireless charging is currently limited to 15W, which may not be adequate for some Apple power users. There’s always the chance that Apple would introduce some kind of MacBook-style MagSafe for the iPad Pro — with the ability to charge at much faster speeds. But that’s a lot less appealing.

Of course we’re going to have to wait and see how this plays out, and so far it isn’t clear when the iPad Pro 2024 might be released. Mass production is tipped to start in February, which means we may be looking at a mid-2024 launch — rather than the typical first quarter release of previous models. In the meantime you can check out all the latest iPad Pro 2024 news and rumors in our hub.

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