iPad Air 2020 leak just revealed two big upgrades

iPad Air 2020 concept
(Image credit: Svetapple)

Apple’s next iPad Air could come with a USB-C port rather than the Lightning connection of the current generation mid-range tablet, helping put it closer to the iPad Pro 2020. And you should also expect a larger display than the current 10.5-inch panel.

According to a report on supply chain blog Macotakara, sources in the know have said the iPad Air 4 will have USB-C connectivity, though a refreshed iPad mini will still stick with the Lightning port. Such a move would give the iPad Air more of a ‘pro’ element, in that it could then connect to DSLR cameras and other accessories without needing a dongle. 

In fact, Macotakara noted that the next iPad Air could borrow a lot from the 11-inch iPad Pro, in that it could have slimmer display bezels and a larger display. This could also mean the next iPad Air gets rid of Touch ID and the home button and opts for a Face ID system and gesture-only navigation as well. 

The iPad range is now rather expansive, with the iPad mini, the 10.2-inch standard iPad, the 10.5-inch iPad Air, and the two iPad Pro models. This means Apple effectively has a low, mid, and high-end selection of tablets. 

However, given the similarities between the standard iPad and the iPad Air, it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple changed the design of the iPad Air 2020. It already works with the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard accessories, so adding USB-C would certainly help expand its functionality as a device for work and play. 

Roland Moore-Colyer

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