How to watch the Britney Spears documentary Britney vs Spears online right now

Britney Spears performing on stage, the singer's fight for independence will be documented in Britney vs. Spears
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You can now watch Britney vs Spears online with Netflix, so it's time to buckle in for the latest chapter of a very emotional saga. And unlike the previous Britney Spears documentary, we will (possibly) hear the story from Britney's own voice.

Britney vs Spears time, date

Britney vs Spears is live on Netflix, where it started streaming at 3 a.m. ET / 12 a.m. PT / 8 a.m. BST on September 28.

While Netflix's documentation for Britney vs Spears doesn't announce anything close to an interview, it does mention "a voicemail" that we think we're hearing snippets from in the trailer (below). Statements that are clearly said in her voice, such as "I just want my life back," "I have worked my whole life," and "I don't owe these people anything," are sprinkled throughout.

An air of secrecy lingers over the whole of the modern day Britney Spears. As we once defined her as a pop artist (then icon), then the subject of many a tabloid cover and now as someone inside of a conservatorship. 

Britney vs Spears is the work of director Erin Lee Carr (How To Fix a Drug Scandal, Dirty Money) and journalist Jenny Eliscu (Rolling Stone, Sirius XM), who dive deep on the conservatorship that her father Jamie Spears just filed to end after 13 years. It will include "exclusive interviews and new documents," and it aims to present "Britney’s life without utilizing the traumatic images that have previously defined her."

Here's everything you need to watch Britney vs Spears.

How to watch Britney vs Spears from anywhere on Earth

If you're abroad and somehow hitting a geo-restriction for watching Britney vs Spears on Netflix, you can watch the movie no matter where you are with the help of a virtual private network (VPN). 

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How to watch Britney vs Spears on Netflix

Britney vs Spears debuted on Netflix at 3 a.m. ET / 12 a.m. PT / 8 a.m. BST today (Tuesday, Sept. 28).

The movie's run time 1 hour and 33 minutes. It is rated TV-MA.


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Britney vs Spears trailer

The trailer for Britney vs Spears is primarily made up of stock footage and interviews with those familiar with Ms. Spears' story. It points an arrow at her father, and brings up how Britney's career has been very profitable for other people. We also learn about the secrecy around Ms. Spears, and while we hear her voice, that seems to be a recording and not a new interview.

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