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How to watch Survivor season 42 online tonight

Survivor 41 with host Jeff Probst
(Image credit: CBS)

When you tune in to watch Survivor season 42 online, the battle to outwit, outplay and outlast starts anew. CBS calls this season "one of the most intense versions" of the reality show. It's another shortened installment, like Survivor 41. The 18 contestants will push themselves to the limit — and beyond — over the course of 26 days.

Survivor 42 channel, air date

Survivor season 42 premieres today (Wednesday, March 9)
Time — 8 p.m. ET/PT
• U.S. — Watch on CBS via Fubo.TV or Paramount Plus
• Watch anywhere — try ExpressVPN 100% risk free

The faster pace will be more punishing, plus food is scarce and there will be limited supplies and resources. 

The cast will once again be very diverse. In 2020, CBS committed to making the cast 50 percent Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). Host Jeff Probst returns to oversee challenges and tribal councils.

Survivor 42 will begin with three tribes: Ika, Taku and Vati. Hidden immunity idols will be in play, as will the "Beware" advantages introduced last season. And there may be other new twists in store for the players. 

Here's everything you need to know about how to watch Survivor season 42. Check out the sneak peek preview below and scroll down for a full list of cast members.

How to watch Survivor 42 from anywhere

Just because CBS isn't available everywhere doesn't mean you can't watch Survivor season 42 if you're away from home. Watching the show along with the rest of the internet can be pretty easy with the right VPN (virtual private network). You can stream the show from wherever you go.

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How to watch Survivor season 42 in the US

In the U.S., viewers can watch Survivor 42 premiere Wednesday, March 9 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

CBS is a local broadcast network that can accessed with one of the best TV antennas or through a cable TV package.

If you've already cut the cord and don't have cable, you can watch CBS on a live TV service, like FuboTV, Hulu With Live TV, YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream.

Of these options, we recommend FuboTV, one of the best streaming services on the market.

You can also watch your local CBS station's live feed on Paramount Plus with a Premium subscription.


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Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus has your local CBS station's live feed. Its deep library includes Survivor and Big Brother episodes, as well as originals like Star Trek: Picard, The Good Fight and the iCarly revival. You need a Premium membership to watch the CBS live feeds for NCIS season 19.

How to watch Survivor season 42 in Canada

Canadians can watch Survivor 42 at the same time and date as Americans. It's broadcasting Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global TV and also streaming on the Global TV streaming service.

Travelers who are in Canada and can't access their paid streaming services will need the help of ExpressVPN.

How to watch Survivor season 42 in the UK

Bad news for Brits: Survivor season 42 is not airing on any UK channels.

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Survivor season 42 cast

Cast of Survivor 42

(Image credit: CBS)

Meet the cast of Survivor 42:

Image 1 of 18

Survivor 42 cast member Rocksroy Bailey

Rocksroy Bailey (44, Brooklyn, NY) (Image credit: CBS)
Image 2 of 18

Survivor 42 cast member Lindsay Dolashewich

Lindsay Dolashewich (30, Asbury Park, NJ) (Image credit: CBS)
Image 3 of 18

Survivor 42 cast member Romeo Escobar

Romeo Escobar (37, Norwalk, CA) (Image credit: CBS)
Image 4 of 18

Survivor 42 cast member Jackson Fox

Jackson Fox (48, Houston, TX) (Image credit: CBS)
Image 5 of 18

Survivor 42 cast member Hai Giang

Hai Giang (28, New Orleans, LA) (Image credit: CBS)
Image 6 of 18

Survivor 42 cast member Swati Goel

Swati Goel (19, Palo Alto, CA) (Image credit: CBS)
Image 7 of 18

Survivor 42 cast member Chanelle Howell

Chanelle Howell (28, New York, NY) (Image credit: CBS)
Image 8 of 18

Survivor 42 cast member Jenny Kim

Jenny Kim (43, Brooklyn, NY) (Image credit: CBS)
Image 9 of 18

Survivor 42 cast member Tori Meehan

Tori Meehan (24, Rogers, AR) (Image credit: CBS)
Image 10 of 18

Survivor 42 cast member Lydia Meredith

Lydia Meredith (22, Santa Monica, CA) (Image credit: CBS)
Image 11 of 18

Survivor 42 cast member Maryanne Oketch

Maryanne Oketch (23, Ajax, Canada) (Image credit: CBS)
Image 12 of 18

Survivor 42 cast member Marya Sherron

Marya Sherron (47, Noblesville, IN) (Image credit: CBS)
Image 13 of 18

Survivor 42 cast member Daniel Strunk

Daniel Strunk (30, New Haven, CT) (Image credit: CBS)
Image 14 of 18

Survivor 42 cast member Mike Turner

Mike Turner (58, Hoboken, NJ) (Image credit: CBS)
Image 15 of 18

Survivor 42 cast member Drea Wheeler

Drea Wheeler (35, Montreal, Canada) (Image credit: CBS)
Image 16 of 18

Survivor 42 cast member Zach Wurtenberger

Zach Wurtenberger (21, St. Louis, MO) (Image credit: CBS)
Image 17 of 18

Survivor 42 cast member Jonathan Young

Jonathan Young (28, Gulf Shores, AL) (Image credit: CBS)
Image 18 of 18

Survivor 42 cast member Omar Zaheer

Omar Zaheer (30, Whitby, Canada) (Image credit: CBS)

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