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Google Go Now Available Worldwide: What You Need to Know

(Image credit: Google)

Google Go is no longer exclusive to emerging markets. Right now, anyone around the world can download the stripped-down version of the popular Android web browser from the Google Play Store. 

In 2017, Google rolled out a ‘Lite’ version of the Android phone operating system called Android Go. It was designed for emerging markets where unreliable networks are a common issue. The system came with a custom suite of lightweight apps, including the Google Go browser, Gmail Go for email and Gallery Go for photos.

This unrestricted access to the Google Go browser lets any Android user now save data lost to loading bulking web pages in areas with poor service. 

At just 7MB in size, Google Go uses much less processing power than the standard Google search app, which is ideal for those who don’t have a lot of storage on their device nor the bandwidth to spare. It’ll save your place if you lose a connection while browsing, too. 

Google Go is among several ‘Lite’ apps designed for emerging markets and older Android devices. Earlier this month, Spotify introduced Spotify Lite, which weighs in at a tenth of standard Spotify's size. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have released similar lightweight replicas of the social-media apps that tend to hog storage space.

Google Go features voice commands, Lens, Translate, GIF and image search, and is available on the Play Store. However, it works only on Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher.