11 Essential Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Tips

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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is the follow up to 2017’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Like its predecessor, Breakpoint features a massive open-world environment for players to explore. As befitting the series, Breakpoint emphasizes tactics over run-and-gun gameplay. Players must use the environment and their equipment to overcome the enemy forces. With so many different skills to unlock, players can truly make their Breakpoint experience unique.

Breakpoint literally throws players into the middle of the action right from the beginning. The first few hours of the game can be overwhelming, even if you’re coming off of Wildlands. If you’re new to Ghost Recon or want to get a handle on the new mechanics of Breakpoint, we’ve compiled a list of useful tips that’ll help ease you into the game.

Visit bivouac sites  

You’ll find bivouac sites scattered all over the map. It is in your best interest to unlock these camps whenever you run into them. While at a bivouac, you can perform a number of different actions. You can rest, heal, and craft items. Most importantly, you can use these sites as fast travel points. Considering how large the world of Breakpoint is, you’ll want as many bivouac sites as possible. 

Grab everything 

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Thoroughly searching every location you visit (either during missions or exploration) is a great way to get better gear. You’ll find guns, boots, vests, and money from defeated foes and gear crates. All of these items show up on your mini-map; making it hard to miss any goodies. You’ll almost always walk away with a higher gear score after every mission if you scavenge every inch of your surroundings. 

Use drones 

Drones are the most useful, but most forgotten tool in one’s arsenal. While it’s tempting to go into a situation with all guns blazing, holding back and releasing a drone to scan the area is the best way to go. Drones not only let you to scout a location, they also let you tag enemies. Doing that prevents anyone from getting the drop on you. Using drones is as easy as pressing up on the d-pad so there’s no excuse not to deploy them. 

Watch your stamina 

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Stamina is an important mechanic you need to keep an eye on. If you run around too much, your stamina will drain and will eventually cause you to become fatigued. If you’re fatigued, you’ll only have half a stamina bar. Most situations do not require you to run. If you need to make a quick escape or move from cover point to cover point, try to take a small break whenever possible. If you do run out of stamina, you can always drink from your canteen to replenish. 

Go with Panther class 

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Breakpoint lets you choose a starting class. None are necessarily bad for the early parts of the game. With that said, it’s best to go with the Panther class. As the name implies, Panther class is all about being stealthy. This is actually a good way to approach the inaugural missions since you’re so under-powered. Panther class lets players throw smoke bombs when under fire and has no reduced damage when firing weapons with suppressors. You can always switch to a different class later if you desire.

Unlock the XP Boost skill 

One of the first skills you’ll want to unlock is XP Boost. By doing this early, you’ll be able to wrack up experience and quickly unlock additional skill points. Granted, the game is pretty generous with skill points, but it never hurts to get them at a faster rate. 

Take advantage of Thermal Vision 

You’re going to find yourself in a lot of nighttime battles. As such, you’ll want to get the Thermal Vision skill right after you nab XP Boost. Thermal vision lets you see at night and during heavy thunderstorms. It also allows you to see heat signatures inside of buildings. 

Use helicopters 

Breakpoint provides players with a variety of different vehicles to drive. While trucks, jeeps, and motorcycles are all well and good, helicopters provide the very best means of conveyance. You’re able to cover vast distances in seconds while onboard a helicopter. You can also drop down right on top of an enemy’s stronghold. There are helicopters everywhere (including your base of operations) so make use of them whenever possible. You’ll save yourself a lot of time plus you can take in the beautiful vistas. 

Don't forget to parachute 

Another useful skill (especially when using a helicopter) is the parachute. Parachutes are great for stealthily infiltrating a base from above. They’re also perfect for when you want to parachute off a mountain or tall building. Like XP Boost, the parachute skill is available from the beginning, so it’s best to nab it asap. 

Go with a sniper + assault rifle loadout 

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A loadout containing an assault rifle and sniper rifle is the best way to go early on. After tagging enemies with your drone, you can use your sniper rifle to take them out from a distance. If you’re discovered, your assault rifle will keep all but the most-heavily armored enemies and robots from getting too close. You can try different loadouts as you progress, but for starters, you can’t go wrong with sniper and assault rifles. 

Dismantle gear you don't need 

Breakpoint is constantly throwing new gear at you, making whatever you’re currently wearing or carrying obsolete. It’s a good idea to always dismantle low-level items. This way, you’ll have plenty of materials to craft better equipment and gear. Plus, it’s good to keep your inventory clean so you can more easily select the gear and weapons you need for any given scenario. 

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