Save big! Our favorite smart light dimmer is 50% off right now on Amazon

Lutron Caseta Dimmer Smart Switch and remote
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You have a lot of choices when deciding between the best smart lights. You can slot smart bulbs into existing fixtures (pricey), wire up your home with new light smart switches, or even stick fresh light strips along surfaces like stairs or under cabinets. While the installation usually takes a bit of work, the hassle is worth it for the level of customization you gain from a smart light app.

If you have lamps then there is an easy and currently cheap solution. Right now, you can get Caseta's Smart Light Dimmer Switch for just $30 on Amazon. This effortless smart light dimmer switch is a plug-and-play device that allows you to remotely control and adjust the brightness levels of your existing lamps. Just plug them into this box and you can control your lamps from a phone app or voice commands without special bulbs or wall switches. This is a steal at over $34 (52%) off and the lowest price we've ever seen. 

Lutron Caseta Dimmer Switch: was $64 now $30 @ Amazon

Lutron Caseta Dimmer Switch: was $64 now $30 @ Amazon
Lutron's Caseta Dimmer switch works with every major smart home system: Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Nest, and SmartThings. You can adjust your light's brightness and schedule them to turn off with daylight or change with the seasons. This makes your life easier by automating the optimal room lighting and helping you save money. Keep in mind that this switch will need its own hub to integrate with your smart home over Wi-Fi.

Replacing your lamps' lights with smart bulbs can get expensive fast. Lutron's Caséta smart light switch lets you smoothly control the lights of up to two connected floor or table lamp from one spot. This model offers snappy performance in addition to an extensive list of features. These include: geofencing (to automatically turn your lights on or off when you leave or arrive at home); advanced scheduling for particular times or days; dimming capabilities; and compatibility with a long list of smart home platforms. 

The switch itself looks a bit vintage with its big white and grey buttons laid out front and center to control the numerous options Caséta offers. We appreciate that Lutron clearly opts for function over fashion. Other dimmers in this category try to look sleek with touch-sensitive controls but hide functionality and make navigating the physical experience frustrating.

The only downside is that the switch, like all of Lutron's products, must be linked to the Caseta Smart Hub ($75, Amazon). The bridge itself must be plugged into your router so that you can control it from your smartphone or through voice commands. 

Hunter Fenollol
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