VAAST launches E/1 luxury urban eBike

The E/1 luxury eBike is straight out of a dream. Beautifully engineered with a fully-integrated monoframe and decoupled suspension system, the E/1 is designed to connect you to the world one pedalstroke at a time. Built for all-weather commuting, grocery store shopping, and interconnected city travel, the E/1 is a representation of Vaast’s ‘Born for adventure’ values.

More than just an eBike with a laundry list of features, the E/1 features a number of unique design elements that speak to Vaast’s vision and expertise.

Here’s why you need to test ride the E/1 yesterday.

Ground-tracing Suspension Technology

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When you think of traveling around the city, what comes to mind? Hopefully you’re not stuck in traffic, watching your life slowly tick by. Or stuck awkwardly in a taxi or Uber waiting for the driver to stop talking. And the one day you decided to walk – the one day – it starts pouring rain. Now your shoes are soaked, and running doesn’t help.

What if there was another way? What if you could get from Point A to Point B in style? Fast, comfortable, stylish and sleek, the Vaast E/1 is the new luxury eBike ready to meet the demands of the city.

Everyone hates potholes – whether you’re in a car or on a bike, potholes suck. The designers at Vaast have put so many careful touches into the E/1, but the Naild R3ACT suspension system is one of the best. The ‘ground-tracing technology’ separates pedaling from suspension movement, which translates to smooth and comfortable riding, regardless of weighty cargo.

Up against other suspension systems, the Naild R3ACT system presents a 20% reduction in vibration versus other suspension systems. The rear suspension system is effectively a four-bar design which suspends the rider, rear cargo battery, and motor, all without changing the pedal-to-saddle height. That means that neither pedaling nor power from the motor will influence the suspension travel, so it won’t move or bob as you ride, according to Vaast.

By isolating the rider and payload, the E/1 is said to smooth rougher surfaces regardless of the load being carried on the integrated (by the way) front and rear racks.

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Bosch eBike System

Perhaps you’ve heard of Bosch – known for a number of things, Bosch makes best-in-class eBike Systems, including the E/1’s. The frame is integrated with Bosch 4 Performance CX Drive which provides assistance to all forms of riding and enabling smooth, reliable power for speeds up to 25kph. The perfect speed for cruising around town.

On the E/1’s handlebars is a Bosch KIOX Stem-Mounted controller display with an easy-to-see screen and Bluetooth Connectivity. No matter when you purchase your E/1, your motor and battery software will always be updated through the Bosch system as eBike technology develops.

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Commuter-friendly Design

Remember what I said about running in the rain? The E/1 has you covered with fully-enclosed drivetrains and Gates belt options, as well as full mudguards to keep you dry.

The frame itself is made from hydroformed aluminum rather than magnesium alloy championed on the E/1 – What the heck does that mean? The E/1 uses a high-quality frame that is simultaneously comfortable and durable for all-weather commuting.

The design’s unique approach means the Bosch PowerTube internal battery has been shifted from its usual down tube position and into the seat tube. It’s more comfortable.

As well as housing the battery, the seat tube/seatpost offers tool-free height adjustment, perfect for commuter moms and dads who don’t have room for tools in their briefcase. On that note, the E/1 comes in three sizes (you guessed it, S/M/L) but offers plenty of adjustment, so riders from 141cm to 193cm tall should find a size to suit.

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Starting at $7,499, the E/1 base model is specced in a mix of Shimano SLX and XT components.

Next is the Envilio rear hub model at $8,499 which includes clever automatic variable transmission gearing, as found on Canyon’s Precede:ON. This rear hub automatically moves across a 510 per cent gearing range, with no steps (unlike a traditional drivetrain), creating a smooth and smart system, especially for hilly terrain.

The fully loaded specification of the E/1 includes front and rear racks, mudguards, and supernova lights on the rear and front powered by the Bosch eBike system.

At the top of the E/1 range is the Rohloff rear hub geared model which offers 14 internal gears and a legendary reputation for reliability. The Rohloff bike is available for $9,999.

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