3 best free movies streaming on Tubi right now

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Looking for a new movie to watch, but don't want to spend any more money on streaming services? There are tons of free streaming options out there to rely on, which is great since your purse strings may be tight right now. Tubi is an excellent choice among the best free streaming services, because the entire platform is free and teeming with content. 

Tubi has a wide variety of unique shows and movies to stream that run the gamut from heart-pounding thrillers to familiar classics that you can watch all without spending a single cent. These aren't bizarre arthouse films or flicks relegated to the bargain bin, either. There are major blockbusters, action movies, romances, comedies, and so much more to be found on the platform, all completely free, albeit with commercials. Below, find three of our favorite picks for the best free movies you can stream on Tubi right now.

'FernGully: The Last Rainforest' 

"FernGully: The Last Rainforest" is a family classic set in the heart of an Australian rainforest, where fairy Crysta (Samantha Mathis) discovers the truth about humans. Believing them to be extinct, her world turns upside down when she accidentally shrinks Zak (Jonathan Ward), a boy from a nearby logging company, to her size. Together, they witness the harsh realities of environmental damage caused by his company. Their journey takes a darker turn as they battle Hexxus (Tim Curry), a malevolent force thriving on pollution. Its excellent animation and soundtrack set the stage for one of the most enduring kids' films of all time, with a great message to boot. 

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'The House of the Devil' 

"The House of the Devil" follows college student Samantha Hughes (Jocelin Donahue), who, in need of quick cash for a new apartment, accepts a mysterious babysitting job. When she arrives at her customer's eerie mansion-like home, she meets Mr. Ulman (Tom Noonan), who reveals the job's weird twist – the job is to care for his elderly mother, not a child. Samantha's curiosity leads her to explore the house, only to unearth her employers' dark and terrifying secret. She suddenly finds out too much and finds herself unwittingly thrust into their sinister plans. 

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'Battle Royale' 

In this Japanese cult classic, 42 high schoolers are transported to a deserted island, each given a map, provisions, and a random weapon. They're each fitted with an explosive collar, ensuring obedience to a gruesome rule: kill or be killed. Their objective? Emerge as the sole survivor as their opponents are killed off one by one while trying to escape the island. However, this brutal game has a fatal catch. Should more than one student remain alive, all collars will detonate, ensuring a deadly end for everyone. 

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    Tomorrow's Today with a cameo by the lovely Kelly LeBrock is my current favorite movie on Tubi. Thank you, Tubi, for your fabulous library of films!