3 best free movies on YouTube to stream right now

Amy Adams holds up a sign reading HUMAN in Arrival
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You may not think of streaming movies when you think of YouTube. Typically, cat videos, video tutorials and music come to mind instead. However, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn the website has numerous free movies available for streaming on their channel. These are high-quality uploads that aren't just shared by an obscure channel; instead, they are films offered by the YouTube Channel. 

You'll find a wide variety of selections available, including numerous award-winning flicks. Best of all, there are countless free choices for you to enjoy. That's ideal for those of you looking to cut down on the costs of paying for streaming networks or renting movies, which can easily add up. We've identified some of the top that you don't want to miss. 

'Matchstick Men'

Nicolas Cage and Alison Lohman in Matchstick Men

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Ridley Scott, the director of "The Martian" and "Gladiator," also brought us "Matchstick Men," starring Nicolas Cage, Alison Lohman, and Sam Rockwell. Cage plays the part of Roy Waller, a con artist who struggles with Tourette syndrome and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Rockwell plays Frank Mercer, his protégé, who encourages him to get help. 

At the therapy appointment, Cage reminisces about an old relationship. Upon request, his therapist calls the girlfriend, learning that Roy has a daughter named Alison Lohman, his daughter. Once they meet, an unusual dynamic you don't typically find in con movies emerges. Cage plays a fatherly role as he teaches his newly discovered daughter about his career. Lohman and Cage have great scene chemistry together. Despite the complex family dynamic in the film, it's also a fast-paced movie that will keep you enthralled the entire time.

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(L-R) Amy Adams as Louise Banks and Jeremy Renner as Ian Donnelly in Arrival

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For those who are fans of alien movies, you'll want to watch "Arrival," starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker. Directed by Denis Villeneuve, the movie was nominated for seven Oscars, including best director, and one won for sound editing. Adams plays the part of Louise Banks, a linguistics professor who is called to lead a team of investigators when spaceships land on Earth. 

Adams works towards communicating with the aliens, trying to understand their intent and whether they threaten mankind. It's a beautifully atmospheric science fiction movie that goes beyond the standard storyline you'd expect from a movie about aliens landing. There aren't as many action scenes as much as there are thought-provoking moments that will leave you reflecting upon how our world would respond if a similar situation happened.

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Garret Dillahunt in Talhotblond

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Based on a real-life crime story, "Talhotblond" tells the story of Thomas Montgomery, played by Garret Dillahunt, a husband and father of two daughters. After a night at poker, his buddies encourage him to join him in a poker game online, where he meets a young girl named Katie Brooks, who refers to herself by the movie's title name.

What starts out as an innocent flirtation turns into an obsession. Things spiral quickly once his wife, Carol Montgomery (Laura San Giacomo) learns about the online affair. Although this is a made-for-TV movie, you'll be pleasantly surprised by Dillahunt's transformation into an insecure and slightly out-of-touch Thomas. Keep an eye out for a brief appearance by Courteney Cox, who also directed and produced the film. 

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