3 best psychological thrillers on Netflix you (probably) haven't watched

Netflix Top 10: Woman in the Window
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If you want a movie that will leave your mind spinning and keep you at the edge of your seat until the very last moments, a psychological thriller will do the trick. These movies often fuel our desire to get into the mind of the villain and get to know them closely. Sometimes, we even have the opportunity to learn their motivations and what drives them. Other times, we step into the shoes of the victim as they try to figure out what is going on.

Netflix has some of the best psychological thrillers you can stream right now. Here are five selections that may cause you to stay awake late into the night.


Everything appears to be just fine for Meera Parsons (Freida Pinto), who recently moved to a small town in New Mexico with her husband, Henry (Logan Marshall-Green). Her new house is beautiful, she is fully recovered from a potentially life-threatening illness, and all seems alright again. But when a break-in disrupts their peace of mind, she becomes suspicious about her husband's unexplainable behavior.

This movie has a lot to uncover. Henry and Meera seem like a great couple, both with low-key personalities but with the lifestyle of high society. However, as you may expect with a psychological thriller, not everything is as it seems. The seriousness of the threat for Meera is not so simple to predict, leading you to a shocking and disturbing ending you won't soon forget. 

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'The Woman in the Window'

If you love a good Hitchcockian vibe to your psychological thrillers, you'll enjoy "The Woman in the Window." Amy Adams stars as Dr. Anna Fox, who has a healthy dose of agoraphobia that keeps her inside and watching her neighbors. She begins to keep an eye on the new family across the street, finally seeing someone she assumes to be Jane Russell, the wife, after a scary confrontation with trick-or-treaters. When Mrs. Russell goes missing, no one believes Anna, mainly because they insist Jane Russell isn't missing at all.

Numerous references to Hitchcock are throughout the film, including the fact that Fox watches "Rear Window" as she ruminates on her neighborhood's happenings. If you enjoy an atmospheric psychological thriller with an unusual twist at the end, you are sure to enjoy this flick.

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Moving out of state isn't easy for anyone, but it becomes incredibly complicated for Jessica (Jules Wilcox), who has just recently lost her husband to suicide. Now, she is on the road and trying to leave the past behind her. The only trouble is that she runs into problems with a disturbing man who won't leave her alone. Of course, things go from bad to worse in no time at all when he kidnaps her.

For those who love road thrillers, look for the nod towards the famous '70s movie "Duel." It sets the stage for the woman who may not be stalked by a trucker but by a man who intends to do her incredible harm. You'll be rooting for Jessica the entire time as she fights back against a monster. 

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