Wow! Save up to $900 on Nectar Premier Hybrid in 39% off mattress sale

Nectar Premier Hybrid mattress
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If you’re looking for a new mattress ahead of the New Year then look no further than Nectar, where right now you can get a queen size Nectar Premier Hybrid for just $1,099 at Nectar. This is a hefty 39% off of the original price of $1,799, which is a saving of $700 on an already competitively priced hybrid.  

Nectar is the recognizable brand behind some of the best mattresses on the market, and the Nectar Premier Hybrid, with its outstanding support and quality craftsmanship, is no exception. As expert mattress testers, we think back and side sleepers will particularly appreciate the combination of memory foam layers and individually wrapped coils, which work together to cushion pressure points and align the spine. . 

Nectar are renowned for their well-made mattresses at affordable prices, so this latest 39% off offer is particularly enticing (we usually see the Nectar Premier Hybrid discounted by around 33%). Prices start at $799 for a twin, which puts this mattress right at the bottom of the mid-range budget. If you're not looking to buy right now, it's worth bookmarking our mattress sales page to stay on top of the best mattress deals. In terms of benefits, Nectar's are unbeatable, with a 365-night sleep trial and a forever warranty. Let's take a closer look. 


Nectar Premier Hybrid mattress

Nectar Premier Hybrid mattress
from $1,349
Now: from $799 price at Nectar Sleep

Summary: Price-wise, the Nectar Premier Hybrid mattress sits in the middle of Nectar's impressive sleep suite, and has been designed to provide outstanding pressure relief, support, and breathability. While most sleepers will appreciate its comfort, we think side sleepers will glean most benefit. As a hybrid, this mattress is made up of both springs and foam, but also has the cradling sensation of a quality memory foam mattress. During her Nectar Premier Hybrid mattress review, our mattress tester found this mattress offered good cushioning without sinking too deeply into the mattress, so heavier sleepers will also find this a comfortable sleep experience. This is a medium-firm mattress, sitting at around 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale, which makes it a great option for anyone seeking something with targeted spinal support. It has great temperature regulation, thanks to the combination of a breathable cover and additional layers of coils that promote good airflow. This mattress also does a great job of motion isolation, which is welcome news for both couples and restless sleepers. 

Price history: Nectar are known for offering a good range of discounts throughout the year so it’s unlikely that you’ll ever pay the full price of $1,799 for your queen size mattress. But this 40% discount is one of the best we’ve seen so far this year. During this sale, you can get a queen size Nectar Premier Hybrid mattress for just $1,099. That’s an extra saving of $50 from the deals offered during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Nectar are also offering up to $300 off bed bases so if you want to overhaul your entire bed set up now is the time to buy. 

Benefits: 365-night trial | Lifetime warranty | Free shipping

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