Wow! Nintendo Switch memory card drops to just $10 at Amazon

SanDisk microSDXC Card for Nintendo Switch with a Tom's Guide deal tag
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There are dozens of worthwhile Nintendo Switch accessories out there. From carrying cases to charging stands but arguably the most vital Switch extra is a memory card. After all, what good is owning a library of the best Nintendo Switch games if you can’t store them all at once? 

That’s where this epic Amazon deal comes in. Right now, you can get a SanDisk 64GB MicroSD memory card on sale for $10 at Amazon. This officially-licensed memory card has a standard retail price of $51, and while it is usually available for closer to $20 this deal marks the lowest price its ever been. Don’t worry if Amazon sells out, Walmart is pricing matching the deal. 

SanDisk 64GB MicroSDXC for Nintendo Switch: was $51 now $10 @ Amazon

SanDisk 64GB MicroSDXC for Nintendo Switch: was $51 now $10 @ Amazon
This Nintendo Switch accessory more than doubles the console's stock 32GB storage capacity and allows you to play dozens of the best Switch games at once. It's also an officially-licensed product which means it can be slotted into your Switch and ready to go within seconds. Plus, it's Legend of Zelda themed which is purely cosmetic but pretty neat. 

As noted above, this SanDisk MicroSD memory card is an officially-licensed Nintendo Switch accessory which means it can be slotted into your console and useable within seconds. There’s no additional formatting or setup required, just click into the memory card slot (located underneath the Switch’s kickstand) and your Switch will get a serious storage boost. 

You definitely won’t want to leave home without a memory card in your Switch either as the file size of some games can be seriously big. While some indie games only take up a couple hundred megabytes, the biggest AAA games take a huge chunk of storage space. For example, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic requires 12GB whereas The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim demands 18GB. Don't forget, the standard Switch model only has 32GB of internal storage built-in, which really doesn’t stretch far enough. 

This on-sale Switch memory card is also Legend of Zelda themed, which doesn’t make any sort of difference and is purely cosmetic but it adds some novelty. If you’re a serious Switch player you can upgrade to cards bigger than 64GB, but these are slightly more expensive and probably unnecessary unless you have a very large library of downloadable games. 

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