PS5 Spider-Man 2 bundle just got a $60 discount at Amazon — this will sell out fast

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 swung onto Sony's flagship console last month and almost instantly earned a spot among the very best PS5 games. We even called it “the best reason yet to get a PS5” and now thanks to Amazon’s Black Friday sales, you can score a new PlayStation console with Spidey’s latest adventure at a cheaper price. 

For a limited time, the PS5 Spider-Man 2 bundle is on sale for $499 at Amazon. That’s a $60 discount compared to its full list price and is the lowest price ever for this new PS5 package. This is one of the best Black Friday PS5 deals yet. The same deal will be at Walmart from 12 p.m. ET but you'll need a Walmart Plus account. 

PS5 Spider-Man 2 bundle: was $559 now $499 @ Amazon

PS5 Spider-Man 2 bundle: was $559 now $499 @ Amazon
The PS5 Spider-Man 2 bundle packages together a PS5 Disc console with a digital copy of Marvel's Spider-Man 2. It's the perfect bundle if you're looking to upgrade to Sony's flagship gaming console and get one of the console's best games at the same time. This bundle comes with the original PS5 model rather than the Slim. 

The PS5 needs no introduction. After two years of stock shortages, its availability has greatly stabilized over the past 12 months, but it still remains a much sought-after gaming device. It offers top-level performance across an impressive library of games that is growing at a rapid pace. The PS5 also takes full advantage of several next-gen capabilities such as its ultra-speedy SSD and its innovative DualSense controller. 

This particular bundle comes with the regular PS5 Disc console rather than the newly-released PS5 Slim. However, don’t let this put you off. I believe that the original PS5 model is a better buy for several reasons. Plus, with this bundle, you’re essentially getting the Spider-Man 2 game for free which is a seriously good deal. 

As for Spider-Man 2, in my glowing review, I called it “the best Spider-Man video game ever made” and was particularly impressed by its cinematic story, enjoyable gameplay and stunning graphics. It serves as a great showcase of the PS5’s power and is one of the few true PS5 exclusives right now.

As noted, PS5 supply levels have mostly caught up to the demand, but that could change over the holiday season. And a discounted bundle like this definitely won’t stick around for very long. So, if you want to upgrade to a PS5 and spend the festive period swinging around Marvel’s NYC, head to Amazon and grab this bundle now. 

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