My favorite Nike Metcon cross training shoes just dropped to $75 in the Black Friday sale

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I've been lucky enough to train in a range of the best cross training shoes during workouts and while teaching, and I understand the minefield it can be deciding which is the right workout shoe for you.

If I can give any advice right now, it's to consider this Nike Metcon 8 deal during the Black Friday sales. We've just seen this hugely popular shoe drop to $75, and it has teased us with a further drop over the last few days, so we could see even more discounts as the weeks go by. 

I've had a keen eye on Amazon to see if (and when) the Nike Metcon range would go on sale, and it's finally happened, so I would jump on this deal while it lasts. I don't know how long this Black Friday deal will be available, so it could be worth investing right now.

Nike Metcon 8 cross training shoe: was $100 now $75 @ Amazon

Nike Metcon 8 cross training shoe: was $100 now $75 @ Amazon
The Nike Metcon 8 offers plenty to love, including a rope guard that extends to the lateral side of the upper, Nike React foam cushioning and plenty of stability to ground the foot during technical lifts. If you enjoy moving from barbell to box jumps, this is the right shoe for you.

I've recently been training in the Nike Metcon 9 shoe, and although I find the toe box roomier and the shoe comfier for running as a whole, I rate the Nike Metcon 8 as superior for foot-ground connection and weightlifting. But neither versions are going to be your first port of call if you're a keen long distance runner.

If you spend most of your time working on Olympic lifting, then you might have already explored the cross training shoes vs weightlifting shoes debate and landed on one side or the other. If that side is cross training, you can't go far wrong with a Nike Metcon shoe. The brand is popular amongst the CrossFit community for delivering a truly versatile training experience whatever your fitness level.

Nike Metcon 8 in lemon and white

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Nike React foam cushions underfoot while the rubber wraps the lateral side of the upper to secure your foot during rope climbs. The 9 houses an even more pronounced rope guard, so the 8 is more understated in comparison. I also believe the outsole provides better traction than the 9, as I've had a few slips in the latest Metcon.

The Nike Metcon 8 also sports a wide and flat heel and an inner plate to help distribute weight. Although, it's worth mentioning that this shoe is stiff, and I would recommend going at least a half size up for better comfort. 

Size and fit aside, I've been training in these shoes for a while and find them incredibly stable for heavy lifting and technical moves like snatches, cleans and jerks. And if you find more colorways available on sale, the lemon drop design is my favorite for looking sleek while you sweat.

If you plan to invest in a pair of cross training shoes for your next Hyrox competition, I wouldn't wear the 8 for longer runs, but if you enjoy cross training, weightlifting and shorter running distances, I think this is a solid early Black Friday deal to shoot for. 

Not for you? Keep an eye on more Black Friday deals as we update our page daily with the latest sales. 

Sam Hopes
Senior Staff Writer - Fitness

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