Destroy All Humans! half off for Prime Day

Destroy All Humans PS4 Xbox One
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This one is only half a Prime Day deal, but if any game could sum up how the universe has been treating us all in 2020, it's Destroy All Humans! So why not get in on the action with this remake of the classic game for PS4 and Xbox One

You can get Destroy all Humans for PS4 for just $19.99 at Amazon, which is the regular Amazon price. However, you can also get it for Xbox One for just $19.99 at Target for Tuesday and Wednesday only. That’s $20 off the usual price, netting you a cool 50% discount. 

Destroy All Humans for PS4: was $39 now $19 @Amazon
Save $20

Destroy All Humans for PS4: was $39 now $19 @Amazon
Save $20 on this interplanetary invasion simulator as you join Crypto 137 in his quest to conquer the Earth. You’ll abduct cattle, blow up tanks, and visit Roswell — you know, normal alien stuff. For a few hours at least, the Xbox One version is also marked down on Amazon.

Destroy All Humans for Xbox One: was $39 now $19 @Target
PlayStation owners can't have all the fun, can they? Save $20

Destroy All Humans for Xbox One: was $39 now $19 @Target
PlayStation owners can't have all the fun, can they? Save $20 on the Xbox One version of the cheesy, classic alien-invasion game through Wednesday, Oct. 14. Humanity is getting a kicking this year anyway, so we might as well have some fun with it, right? 

Destroy All Humans is a faithful remake of the original PS2/Xbox era game, bringing the classic gameplay back and combining it with sparkling current-gen graphics and an extra mission that didn't make it into the original version. 

It's a loving send up of just about every cheesy B-movie you’ve ever seen. Set in 1950s suburban America, it sees our “hero”, a lovable meanie named Cryptosporidium 137, battle against the local law enforcement, the army, and the shadowy men in black in his quest to conquer the Earth. 

Crypto is backed up by his assortment of alien weapons (including “The Probe”, no points for guessing where that goes), his flying saucer, and his devastating array of witty one-liners.

And, as with the original game, finishing the game unlocks a full-length version of the 1959 black-and-white B movie Teenagers from Outer Space.

We’re approaching the end of this console generation, with both the Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S and PS5 coming out in November, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on some of the great games that came out already this year, including Destroy All Humans. Both the PS4 and Xbox One S are still great games consoles that will be supported for years to come, should you decide to pick one up.

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