Best iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases

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The iPhone 11 Pro is a big step forward from the iPhones that came before it. Whether you're talking about the 5.8-inch Pro or the 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Pro Max, Apple's new Pro lineup features triple cameras, a zippy A13 Bionic CPU and a better screen, among other improvements. And if you pay up for these premium features — the iPhone 11 Pro starts at $999 — you're going to want to make sure you add some protection in the form of a case.

That's especially true now that we've had the chance to drop test the iPhone 11 Pro. (The results are not pretty, unless you find cracked displays pretty.) Fortunately, there are plenty of options for keeping your $999-plus investment safe and sound. Here are our favorite iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max cases that we've spotted so far. (And we've got your iPhone 11 case options covered if you've opted for Apple's $699 phone.)

OtterBox Otter + Pop

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While you can also get a simpler OtterBox case in the form of the standard Symmetry case, this Otter + Pop version comes with a built in PopGrip, allowing you to securely hold your phone with just one hand when pulled out from the case. If the matching colors aren’t striking enough for you, you can instead build your own case from a number of interchangeable body and grip parts to make something unique for yourself.

Totallee Thin Case

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If you want something thin and stylish that keeps your iPhone secure, then Totallee’s case, available in either clear, matte or leather, will do the job nicely. It covers all sides of the phone, and it adds a small lip around the camera bump to make sure your triple lens module doesn’t touch the ground if it falls. And because there’s no external branding, so you don’t have to stare at a company logo every time you pick up your device.

Case Mate Tough Watercolor

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Looking like an artist’s palette at the end of a busy day painting, the Tough Watercolor case is perhaps the most vivid way you can protect your iPhone 11 Pro. Every case is made with a swirl of different colored inks, meaning no two are alike. It’s not just colorful though, the case is slim but still protects your phone from an 10-foot drop, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Olixar Fortis

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Olixar’s Fortis combines a hard and soft shell to create a hybrid case that will shrug off any potential damage. The rigid plastic protects the back and sides of the iPhone 11 Pro Max from the worst of the damage, while the inner case absorbs the shock. The TPU layer also provides a textured surface for a better grip, meaning you’re less likely to drop the phone in the first place.

This one’s only available for the Apple's larger iPhone 11 Pro, at least for the moment.

Nood Slim Minimal

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This Nood case won’t save your phone from a drop from a high place, but it will keep potential scratches at bay. At just 0.2mm thick, you can still see your iPhone 11 Pro’s Apple logo through the case’s surface, and feel like you’re just using the phone normally. Uniquely, the case covers up the gaps between the camera lenses, so you can recolor the whole phone if you want.

Urban Armor Gear Monarch

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Without a doubt, the Monarch is a premium case for a premium phone. The leather and metal construction is light and tough, extends beyond the edge of your phone to prevent unnecessary scratching, plus is still thin enough to let you use Apple Pay and other NFC services. If the $50 price is a little too much for you on top of the $999 to $1,099 you already paid for the phone, Urban Armor Gear's Pathfinder, Plasma or Plyo cases provide near identical functionality with different more affordable designs.

Ghostek Atomic Slim3

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With a soft plastic inner layer and an aluminum bumper, the Atomic Slim3 is designed to take on the highest drops you can throw at it. The back of the case remains transparent so you or anyone else doesn’t forget you’re carrying an iPhone, while the bezel is tall enough to protect from face-on impacts without getting in the way of Face ID unlock.

Gear4 Crystal Palace

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Clear cases are great for protecting your phone without altering the design too much, and that’s what the Crystal Palace excels at. It’s slim, but with a soft textured surface for a better grip without unsightly additions to the basic shape of the iPhone. Despite its unassuming appearance, this case will still stick the landing from a 13-foot drop, so you aren’t sacrificing strength for looks.

Mujjo Full Leather Case

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If you want to make Apple’s classy phone design look even classier, then a leather case is a great way to go about doing it. Enter Mujjo, which offers both a standard Full Leather case and a wallet version if you want some storage space for your cards and cash too. Either way, you get a tan or black full-grain leather protector for your new iPhone, which turns your cold slab of glass and metal into something much more comfortable to hold and sophisticated-looking.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Clear Case

(Image credit: Apple)

Keep things simple with an official case for the iPhone 11 Pro designed by Apple itself. Designed with soft and rigid plastic to bring you elements of comfort and protection to the phone. It still works with wireless charging, and because it’s clear you can appreciate Apple’s new smartphone design in all its glory. Apple also makes leather, leather folio and colored silicone cases if you’re after something more than a clear shell but still want the guarantee of an Apple approved product.

Spigen Tough Armor

(Image credit: Spigen)

The armor on this Tough Armor case is made of a plastic underlayer with foam inserts that completely encases your phone and saves it from scratches and shocks, while a tougher outer layer fights off harder knocks to the important areas like the back and edges. The unique feature of this case is a kickstand, which you can use to prop up the iPhone to watch videos and more. And because the Apple logo in the middle of the phone’s back is left exposed, it will still work with wireless charging despite the thick layer of protection the case provides.

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