Could This Be What the iPhone 5 Will Look Like?

The former editors of Engadget claim to have some secret source information on the iPhone 5, as posted on their new blog This is My Next.

According to sources, the iPhone 5 will resemble the current iPod touch more than the present iPhone 4. The phone will also supposedly be thinner than the current iPhone 4 and might even have a tapered, teardrop shape like the MacBook Air.

Other interesting bits to this rumor are that the screen size will increase to 3.7-inches of edge-to-edge display, which means almost no bezel. The jump from 3.5- to 3.7-inches, but keeping the same 960x640 resolution, means a density drop from 326 to 312 (a drop of 13ppi). This would, however, still keep it above the 300ppi that Apple claimed would be of Retina Display quality.

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  • crazybernie
    I call fakeys.
  • Anonymous
    I sure hope there is a bezel! how the heck do they expect people to use a protective case on the darn thing without covering the screen? I the backs on these phones are notorious for cracking. Also, the phones do not need to be any smaller, my 3GS doesn't feel comfortable in my hand w/o its case. People will be dropping these things! Apple, keep the form factor, back extra hardware instead!
  • burnley14
    I disagree with the above comments. Go with thin and sleek to the extreme, you shouldn't have to design a phone around the protective cases, it's the other way around. I think this looks much more appealing than the iPhone 4 does with its bulky square design.