Hotfile Sues Warner Bros Over Abuse of Anti-Piracy Tool

The deleted files include game demos and open source software, the file host said.

Hotfile, which was sued for copyright infringement by five members of the MPAA earlier this year, alleges that Warner Bros. has violated the DMCA and lists intentional interference with a contractual or business relationship and negligence as second and third counts in its suit.

“The single file deleted by Warner that had been most frequently downloaded by Hotfile users—five times more frequently than any other file—was a freeware software title wrongfully deleted by Warner," the suit states. "The software publisher that uploaded the file used as a means for distribution of its open source software. Warner was not authorized by the software publisher to delete the file.”

Hotfile speculates that the takedowns had an economic motive as an agreement between Warner Bros. and Hotfile allows the movie studio to replace content that was taken down with a link to Warner Bros. content that can be purchased. The more content Warner removed, the more links it was able to place.

Warner Bros has not commented on the new suit.

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  • dillyflump
    Good on you Hotfile, sue the scum. It's about time someone with the financial means kicked the movie and music industry lobbies in the teeth. I still want to know what is happenning with google after they supposidly downloaded a film using bittorent from thier headquarters. Im guessing the MPAA didn't have the guts to see Google in court because Google would have chewed off thier balls and stomped all over them.
  • SmileyTPB1
    Wow, a movie studio acting illegally and hypocritical? Never would have expected that.

    If they are doing this in environment where they can get caught, imagine what they might be doing elsewhere on the web.
  • f-14
    take the suit to them for 3 times the damages warner brother did to hotfile as malicious revenge and make the mpaa scared as f' to mess with anything other then what they own.
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  • dalethepcman
    smells fishy...
  • tramit
    fishy smells...
  • memadmax
    It's a dog eat dog world...