DIY Fallout 3 Helmet for your New Vegas Trip

While Fallout 3 may have been pretty divisive among hardcore fans, there's no mistake that Bethesda managed to retain some of the franchise's iconic imagery. And none is more iconic than the Brotherhood of Steel's atomic powered armor. Every gamer worth his salt did his best to snag himself a piece, myself included:

Josh Jay is not like most fans. While wearing the obstructive helmet was more than enough for the rest of us, Jay wondered what it would be actually wear the Brotherhood's trademark headgear. To answer that question, he did what any guy would do if he was severely addicted to video games and did a bit of sculpting on the side: make his own.

It's a pretty accurate real-life representation of the T-45d power armor helmet, down to the headlamps and the little steampunk-ish widgets scattered about. Jay modeled his replica in 3Ds Max, printed it out using Pepakura, then layered on cheesecloth, acrylic and fiberglass. The hoses were taken from an actual Russian gas mask, so I guess this helmet is ready for traveling across a actual post-apocalyptic America.

[via Her Majesty's Thunder, The Effects Lab]

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