Chrome's Incognito Mode Broken in iOS 7

UK security firm Parallax has discovered that the private browsing Incognito mode in Google Chrome isn't working correctly in iOS 7. Specifically, the bug allows search terms used in Incognito mode to display as search history on the Google mobile site.

"This is especially important as Google Chrome has a unified search and URL bar, meaning that people often search rather than typing full URLs," commented Tom Faller, project manager at Parallax.

Google has yet to comment on this security flaw. Check out the video below for a demonstration of the bug.

Google Chrome Incognito Mode Broken

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  • the1kingbob
    Hahah, too speed things up. HallusH link states at the bottom that, "On Chrome for iOS, due to platform limitation regular and incognito* tabs share HTML5 local storage, which is typically used by sites to store files on your device (client-side caching) or to provide offline functionality. This means the same sites can always access their data in this storage in both regular and incognito* tabs. Incognito* tabs will still keep browsing history and cookies separate from regular tabs, which are cleared once those tabs are closed."
  • 1zacster
    I'm surprised they have "chrome" for ios considering they have to use webkit: safari with a different ui.