YouTube Partners Can Now Sell Merch, Tickets, Songs

YouTube partners are already able to make money from ads placed on or next to the videos and clips they upload, but it looks like they're about to get a whole new way to make money from their audience.

YouTube this week announced the launch of a new feature for YouTube partners called "The Merch Store." As if it weren't abundantly clear from the name, the Merch Store will enable YouTube partners to sell merchandise to viewers directly from the partner's channel. Thanks to collaborations with TopSpin, SongKick, iTunes and Amazon, partners can sell merchandise, as well as concert tickets and song downloads.

YouTube partners around the world should see the Merch Store appear over the coming weeks. While it will certainly prove useful for big name artists, like Lady GaGa and Justin Bieber, we're expecting smaller YouTube partners to benefit even more from the additional revenue channel.

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  • tomrippity02
    Smart. Very smart.
  • f-14
    why this wasn't done in the first place i will never know, but it should have been there all along.
    can't wait for the record labels to tell iTunes to go f' off as they start pulling videos that use their music unless google links to their merchant e-tailer vendors. let the lawsuits begin anew.
  • keyanf
    Now I can order Dr. Ashen's next DVD directly from Youtube...

    Uh, how exactly is this superior to buying it normally?