U.S. Government Tries to Stop Megaupload Successor

The U.S. government has warned Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom not to launch the recently unveiled successor to the file sharing site, Mega, as it may apparently breach his New Zealand bail conditions.

The U.S. Department of Justice filed a motion last week that argues that Dotcom had deliberately misled the foreign court.

A January bail application affidavit sees Dotcom stating that he had no plans of rebooting Megaupload or “some new iteration of the site”. However, prosecutor Neil MacBride has stressed that Mega is a violation of the claim made by Dotcom.

"Defence counsel's claim that the corporate defendant can and should be allowed to operate undermines the sworn statements of Dotcom that he has no plans or ability to continue to operate or fund the businesses in the indictment during pendency of the extradition process," MacBride said.

Dotcom’s lawyer, Ira Rothken, responded to the allegations by stating the suggestions are baseless. "It's a serious allegation, but we believe it is an ignorant allegation and they're basing it upon absolute speculation,” he said. "It sounds like the United States is attacking a technology before they fully investigate it. This looks to be the second time they're doing that. Kim Dotcom is innocent, and he's entitled to be involved in technology and business."

Mega, a file sharing site that works in a similar fashion to its predecessor, is said to be raid-proof through the implementation of an "Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm".

Dotcom said that the site, which is due for a 2012 launch, is not "a giant middle finger to Hollywood and the DoJ" as it'll have rules in place allowing copyright holders to send the DMCA a takedown notice in order to remove copyright-infringing content from the service.


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  • USA enforcing a bail set by an NZ court on an NZ citizen on a case they can't successfully extradite.

    America is judge, jury, and dog bounty hunter rolled into one..
  • I'm from New Zealand. I can tell you that this whole dot com saga has blown up in the United States face, public opinion of the US is down, and the NZ PM is quite red faced over it due to the illegal ways that the information about Megaupload was collected(The GCSB is in a bit of trouble).

    Dotcom looks like he will win his court case and be able to stay in NZ(so far).

    NZ has very basic laws when it comes to copy right, the skynet law has fallen over too. Don't be too surprised if this "Mega" site pops up and stays ;)

    On a personal note, I'd like to invite the US to stick to their own country. We're sick of you pushing us around and expecting us to bend over backwards for you. We are kiwis, not americans. We have kiwi laws, not american laws

    Long story short, quit throwing your weight around and stick to your own borders
  • @silver565

    I'm from the US and I want us to stick to our own borders as well. The way the US is heading is not very promising.
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  • USA enforcing a bail set by an NZ court on an NZ citizen on a case they can't successfully extradite.

    America is judge, jury, and dog bounty hunter rolled into one..
  • Where do you suppose the money to make movies and games comes from?
    It sure doesn't grow on trees.