Jet Airliner Concept Inspired by the Bar Tailed Godwit

The Bar Tailed Godwit is an incredible creature that currently holds the record for the longest non-stop flight traversing 7,258 miles along a route from Alaska to New Zealand. Inspired by this bird's abilities, designer William Brown created the Lockheed Stratoliner, a futuristic commercial airliner that is designed to fly any distance without the need to stop and refuel.With an aerodynamic, bird-like design, the Stratoliner achieves maximum efficiency by utilizing oversized wings that allow the jet to generate enough lift to fly at very high altitudes. In addition, four Cryogenic Hydrogen Turbofan engines power the Stratoliner allowing it to fly massive distances while operating in a lower-power state with zero emissions.Brown's concept may be a bit unconventional with its bird-like shape and ambitious goals, but it is definitely an interesting design that draws inspiration from one of the many wonders of the natural world. It's only natural to pay homage to the world's incredible birds every once in a while, considering the fact that they have been flying a lot longer than we have.

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