New Bodyguard Weapon Packs a Punch

Where is it that we see the coolest futuristic tech? Free from the worries of actual production, the entertainment industry has been home to the most advanced and high-tech gadgets imaginable. With this in mind it may not come as too much of a surprise that David Brown, editor, producer, cameraman extraordinaire has created this interesting weapon he likes to call, The BodyGuard.
The BodyGuard is a heavily armored glove-sleeve thing fitted with a flashlight, laser pointer, camera and taser to help law enforcement officials bring down the baddies in an instant. According to Brown and his friends, most weapons may be inefficient in a sense that they may be dropped or wrestled away in a moment of conflict. The BodyGuard would then be a perfect solution to compliment firearms or current gadgets without overly fatal results.

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