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Learn about the latest online threats and how you can protect your PC or mobile device—and your privacy. Check out our guides and security downloads for all platforms.


From maintenance utilities and image editing software to security tools and torrent clients, these are the very best free Windows apps.


Here are in-depth reviews of top mobile security suites in 2014. Our winner combines the best in Android antivirus protection and functionality.

Downloads for Security

software editor's choice
  • Nsauditor Network Security Auditor - free

    Nsauditor Network Security Auditor is a shareware suite of comprehensive protection that you will identify vulnerabilities for Windows based PC.

    available for : windows
  • Microsoft Security Essentials - free

    Microsoft Security Essentials is a free software with security features all together.

    available for : windows
  • BitDefender Internet Security - free

    BitDefender Internet Security is a complete protection to avoid all threats that may enter or harm your computer system.

    available for : windows
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news - APRIL 24 0

Scammers are using fear of the Heartbleed Internet-security flaw to try to con people out of their own identities.

news - APRIL 24 0

No, we don't heart it: A Twitter spam deluge involving compromised user accounts appears to be traceable to photosharing site "WeHeartIt."

news - APRIL 23 3

Remember that old AOL email account you (hopefully) don't use anymore? It may have been hacked and used to send spam to your contacts.

news - APRIL 23 0

Malicious software is what makes the Internet a dangerous place to roam unprotected.

news - APRIL 23 0

A virtual private network (VPN) creates a secure connection to a private server from a remote location.

news - APRIL 23 2

The 'Triple Handshake' Bug is an SSL flaw that exposes data sent from most iOS devices and two versions of OS X. Users should upgrade ASAP.

news - APRIL 22 1

Espionage and plain old criminal activity soared in 2013, while credit-card theft barely budged, Verizon's annual data-breach report found.

news - APRIL 22 1

They know everything about you! Digital Shadow, a promotion for the game 'Watch Dogs,' scrapes your Facebook profile for personal data.

news - APRIL 21 1

The Netcraft Heartbleed Detector browser extension can detect if a website is, or was ever, vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug.

news - APRIL 21 0

Reddit users found a new type of malware called 'Unflod Baby Panda' that infects jailbroken iOS devices and steals Apple IDs.

news - APRIL 18 0

Worried the apps and websites you use are still vulnerable to Heartbleed? Trend Micro has some free tools you can use to check.

news - APRIL 18 7

The latest confirmed Heartbleed exploit involved hacking into a VPN, bypassing its multifactor authentication to hijack users' accounts.

news - APRIL 18 1

A new phishing scam targets Steam gamers by attempting to trick them into handing over their usernames, passwords and a security file.

news - APRIL 17 19

It took less than a week. The Samsung Galaxy S5's fingerprint scanner is even easier to hack than the iPhone 5s, experts show.

news - APRIL 17 0

Approximately 3.1 million smartphones were stolen in the U.S. last year, with an additional 1.4 million lost by their owners.

news - APRIL 16 3

This phishing scam tells you your account has been compromised, then tricks you into compromising the account yourself and paying to fix it.

news - APRIL 16 0

All a scammer needs to steal your identity and tax refund is your personal identifying information.

news - APRIL 16 5

Apple, Samsung and Microsoft are among several major mobile companies pledging to include anti-theft features on their smartphones in 2015.

news - APRIL 15 6

The Canadian tax agency and a U.K. parenting website are the first confirmed instances of Heartbleed exploits, experts say.

news - APRIL 14 3

At Eleven Madison Park in Manhattan, the maître d' uses Google to greet guests by name and learn their birthdays and other interests.

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