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Learn about the latest online threats and how you can protect your PC or mobile device—and your privacy. Check out our guides and security downloads for all platforms.


We've tested five reputable online backup services (aka cloud backup services) and crowned a winner based on features, convenience and price.


AVG AntiVirus Pro has excellent Android anti-theft and privacy tools, but be ready to download a few more apps to unlock its full potential.

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software editor's choice
  • Nsauditor Network Security Auditor - free

    Nsauditor Network Security Auditor is a shareware suite of comprehensive protection that you will identify vulnerabilities for Windows based PC.

    available for : windows
  • Security Task Manager - free

    Security Task Manager is software that shows you a clear information about programs and processes running on you computer.

    available for : windows
  • USB Disk Security - free

    USB Disk Security is security software that protects your computer from different threats coming from any USB drive.

    available for : windows
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news - APRIL 1 0

You can now disable Verizon's tracking 'supercookie' on your smartphone, but you'll have to be proactive and follow a few simple steps.

Tutorial - OCTOBER 24

The only problem with a new drone is that you may not be sure what the rules are for using one. After all, commercial and military drones have both...

news - MARCH 30 0

We've all heard how insecure connected cars can be, yet few people are willing to fix any of it. Enter I Am the Cavalry.

news - MARCH 26 0

Security researcher Randy Westergren hacked Trivia Crack to give out the answers, and has put his cheaters' version online.

news - MARCH 26 6

It's trivially simple to connect to strangers' fitness bands and extract sensitive personal information from them.

news - MARCH 25 56

AV-TEST, which evaluates how well different brands of antivirus software perform, put Microsoft at the bottom of the barrel once again.

news - MARCH 24 0

Cyberthreats always evolve, but the way people think about security is often years behind. Here's how to keep up with current threats.

news - MARCH 23 1

Major flaws have been found in cheap DLS gateways overseas, but it's likely that U.S. models are just as insecure.

news - MARCH 23 0

A new Android Lollipop feature seems to be able to tell when your phone is on your person, keeping it unlocked for easy access.

news - MARCH 20 0

High-resolution photos of people contain enough detail to defeat biometric authentication such as fingerprint and iris scanners.

news - MARCH 20 0

Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari all fell quickly to white-hat hackers at the 2015 Pwn2Own contest in Vancouver.

news - MARCH 20 0

Many OS X applications are vulnerable to a common hacking attack eliminated in Windows years ago. It's not clear if the flaw can be fixed.

news - MARCH 16 1

Ghostery's mobile browser is now featured on Blackphones, but other Android and iOS users can pick it up free of charge, too.

news - MARCH 15 0

Cybercrime is going to get more sophisticated in the years to come, an author says, and the solutions are almost as radical as the problems.

news - MARCH 13 25

TeslaCrypt deliberately encrypts Windows gaming data, asking victims to pay at least $500 to regain their files.

news - MARCH 12 1

Mobile fingerprint readers like the iPhone's are easy to fool, but a new type of print scanner boosts security with high-res images.

news - MARCH 11 3

The CIA has been trying to hack iPhones, the latest Snowden documents reveal, but by all appearances, the agency has largely failed.

news - MARCH 11 1

Exaggerated media reports about data breaches may scare people away from thinking they can improve their own personal security habits.

news - MARCH 6 6

The Xiaomi Mi4 LTE, a popular smartphone in China, comes with malware built-in and a highly vulnerable version of Android.

news - MARCH 5 0

Widespread credit card theft recently hit the ritzy Mandarin Oriental line of hotels, which could mean a lot of money for cybercriminals.

news - MARCH 5 0

Scammers have been hiding links to malware in otherwise safe Google Books, promising free game downloads or in-game currency.

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