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Learn about the latest online threats and how you can protect your PC or mobile device—and your privacy. Check out our guides and security downloads for all platforms.


We review the best free and paid Mac antivirus programs based on protection, ease of use and performance impact to help you choose.


Sophos Antivirus for Mac is an easy-to-use and free program whose strong protection and built-in scans make it our top choice.

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software editor's choice
  • BullGuard Internet Security - free

    Bullguard Internet Security is a program that gives security and protects your computer against hackers and viruses.

    available for : windows
  • BitDefender Internet Security - free

    BitDefender Internet Security is a complete protection to avoid all threats that may enter or harm your computer system.

    available for : windows
  • Kaspersky Internet Security - free

    Kaspersky Internet Security does a better-than-average job of keeping your PC safe. Three new features along with expected upgrades to their antivirus engine keep Kaspersky competitive.

    available for : windows
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news - SEPTEMBER 18 1

Apple's iOS 8 contains striking security improvements and comes with a stringent privacy policy that makes it difficult to spy upon iPhones.

Tutorial - MARCH 15

Facebook is the clear winner when it comes to the number of users in the world. In order to maintain heavy...

news - SEPTEMBER 18 1

In iOS 8, users can choose their default browser search engine, and one option is the privacy-friendly DuckDuckGo.

news - SEPTEMBER 17 0

The data breach at Goodwill's payment processor affected at least two other enterprises and lasted longer than was previously disclosed.

news - SEPTEMBER 17 0

Apple's two-factor authentication, which secures Apple accounts, now applies to iCloud as well — if, and only if, you activate it.

news - SEPTEMBER 16 1

By using two perfectly legal devices just about anyone can steal your PIN number and use it to fill their own coffers with your cash.

news - SEPTEMBER 16 5

The iPhone 6 supports NFC, but don't expect to use it for anything outside of Apple Pay.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 15 0

With excellent malware detection rates, useful extra features, and a free price, Avast Free Antivirus for Mac is our top choice.

news - SEPTEMBER 15 0

The recent breach at JPMorgan Chase may not be as severe as originally feared, but it could get worse, the New York Times reports.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 15 0

Bitdefender's Tracker Notification feature lets you know which pages are following your movements across the Web.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 15 0

ClamXav may be a well-known name in Mac security software, but it just can't compete with other free options.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 15 0

Intego Mac Internet Security X8 is a lightweight paid program with excellent extra features, but it lacks a Web-link scanner.

news - SEPTEMBER 12 2

Gamers who use Twitch are at risk for a nasty program that can compromise their Steam libraries and cost them quite a bit of real money.

news - SEPTEMBER 11 0

Home Depot is investing a possible security breach while Jennifer Lawrence deals with fallout from the celebrity hacking scandal dubbed "Nudegate" on this episode of Give Me Tech!

news - SEPTEMBER 11 1

New York-based artist Maximus Clarke's piece 'Per Speculum' is about the difficulty of achieving truly private and anonymous communications.

news - SEPTEMBER 11 0

Vysk QS1 makes your iPhone communications impenetrable, thanks to an on-board processing chip that does encryption outside the phone.

news - SEPTEMBER 11 3

Someone got hold of more than 5 million Gmail usernames, as well as passwords, but your data is probably not at risk.

news - SEPTEMBER 10 1

Microsoft and Adobe release security updates for software including Internet Explorer and Adobe Flash Player.

news - SEPTEMBER 10 0

Amazon, Yahoo, YouTube and 71 other websites have fallen victim to the Kyle and Stan ad network, which hides malware in legitimate ads.

news - SEPTEMBER 9 4

The new iPhone's Apple Pay mobile-wallet system sounds fantastic -- until you read the fine print.

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