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Learn about the latest online threats and how you can protect your PC or mobile device—and your privacy. Check out our guides and security downloads for all platforms.


With ArcSoft's face-tracking technology, the Simplicam powered by Closeli can identify when there's an intruder, or if it's just your cat walking around.


Bitdefender Total Security 2015 combines impeccable protection with strong features, including profile settings to optimize resources.

Downloads for Security

software editor's choice
  • BitDefender Internet Security - free

    BitDefender Internet Security is a complete protection to avoid all threats that may enter or harm your computer system.

    available for : windows
  • Kaspersky Internet Security - free

    Kaspersky Internet Security does a better-than-average job of keeping your PC safe. Three new features along with expected upgrades to their antivirus engine keep Kaspersky competitive.

    available for : windows
  • Intego Mac Internet Security X8 - free

    Protect your Mac from Internet threats with Intego Mac Internet Security X8.

    available for : mac os
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news - SEPTEMBER 2 20

Don't say, 'She shouldn't have taken them.' The people who stole and leaked actresses' nude photos are the ones at fault.

news - SEPTEMBER 2 0

A huge trove of stolen credit and debit card numbers that has surfaced on the black market may have been stolen from Home Depot.

news - SEPTEMBER 2 4

Scammers prey upon people who want to see naked photos of celebrities -- and those who fear their own photos could be stolen.

news - SEPTEMBER 1 8

Don't share Jennifer Lawrence's embarrassment. Take steps to make sure your nude selfies don't end up on the Internet.

news - AUGUST 28 12

Malicious advertisements on several major websites infected visitors with drive-by downloads, researchers report.

news - AUGUST 28 0

Microsoft has excised more than 1,500 shady apps from the Windows Store as part of an initiative to keep a closer eye on its marketplace.

news - AUGUST 28 6

Several American banks, including Chase, have been hacked into -- and the thieves stole not money, but data. Here's what to do now.

news - AUGUST 27 0

The browser hijacker V9 may have snuck its way onto your computer and changed your Web settings. Here's how to remove it.

news - AUGUST 27 3

An unprotected backdoor in Netcore routers makes them virtually defenseless to even the simplest of attackers, experts say.

news - AUGUST 27 4

The PlayStation Network hackers may have struck again, this time knocking game-streaming site Twitch offline for several hours.

news - AUGUST 27 3

Here are 12 common mistakes that result in malware infections, computer viruses or getting your computer outright hacked.

news - AUGUST 26 7

The California law requiring kill switches for smartphones is a good one in theory, but it comes with one caveat: It's based on nonsense.

news - AUGUST 25 0

So you've brought the Internet of Things into your abode. Here's how to protect your home network and the devices connected to it.

news - AUGUST 25 8

It's 2011 all over again as the PlayStation Network and several other servers go offline in a DDoS attack claimed by multiple groups.

news - AUGUST 22 3

The government said the credit-card-stealing Backoff malware that hit UPS Stores had infected 'over 1,000 U.S. companies.'

news - AUGUST 22 6

Shocking news: electrical currents transmitted by touch can be used to surreptitiously crack computer encryption, researchers prove.

news - AUGUST 22 0

Blackphones, malware and free, secure file servers, oh my! It's the security episode of Give Me Tech!

news - AUGUST 21 7

Shared memory lets Android apps 'see' what others are doing and mount precision attacks to steal sensitive information.

news - AUGUST 21 15

The Windows Store is full of sleazy apps that could cost you money and system security, and Microsoft may have no solid plans to fix it.

news - AUGUST 21 0

What should you do if you're affected by the UPS data breach? Here's everything you need to know.

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