Better than Black Friday! Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is down to its all-time lowest price at 56% off

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro lowest price.
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There’s nothing that catches my eyes more than an excellent sale. Now that I’ve been on a healthy kick since the start of the year, I can’t tell you enough how the best smartwatches continue to keep me honest about my workouts and routines. 

For a limited time, you should consider the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro for $199 at Amazon. That's 56% off and cheaper than its Black Friday price. If you prefer that always-on connection, then check out the Galaxy Watch 5 Pr0 (LTE) for $249 at Amazon. That's 50% off and beats its previous $315 all-time low. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: was $449 now $199 @ Amazon
Lowest price! Price check: $199 @ Best Buy

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: was $449 now $199 @ Amazon
Lowest price!
The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is a feature rich Wear OS smartwatch. It offers track back GPS (a feature that allows the user to return along a traveled path or route without marking any waypoints), auto workouts, and up to 80 hours of battery life. In our Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro review, we recommend it to anyone who occasionally enjoys outdoor sports.
Price check: $199 @ Best Buy

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (LTE): was $449 now $315 @ Amazon
Price check: $249 @ Best Buy

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (LTE): was $449 now $315 @ Amazon
If you need that always-on connection, the LTE equipped version of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will let you make phone calls, reach emergency services, and even stream your favorite songs through your wireless carrier.
Price check: $249 @ Best Buy

Anyone into the outdoors or exercising will appreciate what the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has to offer. Not only is this Wear OS powered smartwatch an excellent fitness tracker for all your workouts, including auto workout tracking that will start workouts if you forget, but it also features a BioActive Sensor that can measure your body temperature.

Since it’s a pro model, it’s differentiated by its rugged design and ability to track your workout routes with its new Route Tracking. The feature is perfect for runners or bikers who frequently traverse the same paths for their workouts, which will put your back on your route with the help of its GPS if you stray outside due to an unforeseen reason.

Its sapphire crystal glass and titanium case makes it perfect for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts who are knee deep battling the weather. With the LTE version, you can remain connected without your phone — including the option to make phone calls in emergency situations, or streaming your favorite songs.

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