Nike has big discounts on both the Pegasus 39 and Pegasus 40 — I’ve tested both and would still get the 39

Nike Pegasus 39 on a gravel path
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The Nike Pegasus 40 is one of the best running shoes available, and its successor, the Nike Pegasus 41, is likely to be the same when it comes out in June. However, right now it’s the Nike Pegasus 39 I’d be snapping up, because it’s been reduced to just $65 in the Nike sale.

Nike Pegasus 39: was $130 now $64.97 @ Nike

Nike Pegasus 39: was $130 now $64.97 @ Nike

All colors of the men’s Pegasus 39 are reduced by 50% in the Nike sale, with a wide range of sizes available. The women’s shoe is not on the website at the moment, but  hopefully will come back at a reduced price during the sale — if not you can get 33% off the women’s Pegasus 40.

That’s a steal for what is still a very good running shoe, and actually one that I slightly prefer to the Nike Pegasus 40, having run a lot of miles in both. For the most part, the Pegasus 39 and Pegasus 40 are very similar, with the only updates being to the upper of the Pegasus 40.

These improve the fit of the shoe a little, but also add weight, and I prefer the lighter Pegasus 39 myself having had no problems with the fit of the older shoe. Underfoot you’re getting the same experience, with a React foam midsole that contains two Air Zoom pods for added pop on the run.

The Pegasus 39 and Pegasus 40 are both reliable workhorse running shoes that can handle a variety of runs and will suit most runners well., and they both have great outsoles that grip well and last a long time.

The Pegasus 40 is also reduced in Nike’s sale, but only by 40% to $77.97, and not all colors are included in this sale. The best deal on a women’s Pegasus 40 only reduces it to $85.97, whereas with the Pegasus 39 all colors in the men’s shoe are reduced by 50%, making it more likely you’ll find one that suits your preferences.

The women’s Pegasus 39 is not currently showing on the Nike website, but hopefully it will come back at the sale price, though as an older shoe there is the chance it is now out of stock.

Nike Pegasus 40: was $130 now $77.97 @ Nike

Nike Pegasus 40: was $130 now $77.97 @ Nike

The price you’ll pay for the Pegasus 40 in the Nike sale varies with different colors of the shoe, with the best deal being the 40% discount on the black men’s shoe with plenty of sizes available. The best deal on a women’s shoe is the 33% off this all-white Pegasus 40, with all sizes available.

One last Pegasus deal for football fans to consider is the even bigger discount you can get on the NFL editions of the men’s Pegasus 40, which are on sale at Nike for $54.97.

There are limited sizes available and some teams’ Pegasus 40 has already sold out, but you might bag a bargain, especially if you’re a Tennessee Titans fan — there are a lot of sizes of their Pegasus 40 available.

Nick Harris-fry
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